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Player Select: Art Nerd For Hire For Your Wedding Invitations

Love + art + video games is what makes Etsy shop Art Nerd For Hire a winning combination for geeks and gamers looking for awesome video game inspired wedding invitations.

An avid collector and player of classic video games owner Jonny Rice is not your ordinary card artist. “Video games are such a huge part my life and our culture. There is a whole generation of people that have grown up playing and loving video games. They have a distinct style that I’ve always found charming and fascinating. Games also just happen to work very well for invitations because they blend information with artistry. As a super-geek, adding video game elements to my wedding got me excited +10,” says Jonny. With so much “geek cred” behind it Art Nerd For Hire can customize any video game inspired invitation from classic Super Mario Bros to the more recently released Mass Effect. 

1. How did Art Nerd For Hire get started?

When searching for wedding invites me and my wife couldn’t find anything that reflected our personal styles or that was affordable, so we decided on a DIY approach. We created the whole invitation suite together and it gave us a great geek chic direction to take our wedding and it was such a fun and rewarding experience. The response from our guests was so positive. That’s when we realized there had to be lots of other couples like us that also wanted customized video game invites.

2. What is your favorite invitation you’ve made so far?

I really love them all, but the best one has got to be the one from my wedding. It’s a save the date postcard based on Super Mario Bros. for the NES. It’s features Mario and Peach versions of my wife and I at the end of a typical level. We are about to enter the castle. Fireworks are going off and all the wedding info is displayed neatly on the top of the screen. Its the best save the date evar!

3. What has been the biggest challenge in opening your Etsy shop?

The biggest challenge has got to be keeping up with demand. There are 30 years of video games for couples to choose from. It’s keeps me very busy, but I love it!

4. On the flipside, your biggest achievement?

I get such a thrill every time I send the final version of an item to a customer. When they tell me that they love it and that it is perfect, it feels incredible!!!!1 My biggest achievement is knowing that I was able to help all these couples in a real way on the biggest day of their lives.

5. What makes you a geek?
Where to start? I collect and regularly play classic video games of all varieties. I have 9 different Nintendo hand held systems. I grew up on a steady diet of Dungeons and dragons, video games, LARPing, and Star Wars. I was a game tester for 5 years at LucasArts, graduated video game school and I currently am a freelance video game artist at Machinima. I reek of geek.

6. Anything else you would like to add?

ArtNerdForHire has been the most rewarding personal project I’ve ever done. It would be my pleasure to help all those sweet geeks out there with all their art needs be they 8bit, sci-fi, fantasy, or otherwise. 

Check out more samples at Art Nerd For Hire on Etsy!