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DIY: A Golden Snitch Ring Box

When Reddit user nintendai decided it was time to propose he did so in true Harry Potter style with a Golden Snitch ring box! Unable to find a box that met his Quidditch tournament standards he decided to make his own Snitch with a bedpost knob, gold paint and feathers. 

“The entire process took a couple of weeks (on and off because I had to keep on hiding it from her) and was the first time I actually built anything. It was an extremely rewarding process and she absolutely loved the time, thought, and effort I put into it. Hopefully this design might help some other people come up with creative ideas for their engagements!”

1. Mark on the bedpost the Snitch designs to be carved in and the middle of the bedpost. Then carve in the designs, cut the bedpost in half and hollow out the inside for the ring.

2. Glue on magnets to keep the lid secure.

3. Spray paint the Snitch with gold paint and brown for the bottom stand.

4. Take two feathers and spray paint them gold. Them attach them to the sides with glue.

View the full making of on Imgur to recreate your own Golden Snitch ring box.