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What would an invitation to Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley’s wedding look like? Holly Powell sends you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a truly magical wedding you are cordially invited to.

Molly and Arthur Weasley request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their son Ronald Weasley to Miss Hermione Granger.
Come along and enjoy a laugh, a dance and a mug of butterbeer (or ten), and to share in their love and happiness, as they exchange their vows and begin their new life together. 
After so many tough years, we are delighted to see our son so happy and marrying his best friend.
The ceremony will take place on September 1st 2010 on the 19th anniversary of their meeting, in the Great Hall, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Baking up beautiful, sometimes geeky cakes in South-East England is nothing new for Natalie Porter of Immaculate Confections. Her baking career even started on a geeky note when her fiancé Christopher requested their wedding cake to be shaped like Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings. ”Three enormous cakes, 3 dummy cakes and a mountainous peninsula made of cardboard and gaffer tape later, it was ready to decorate! And fortunately it worked out a treat. It provided the perfect, if somewhat geeky, cake for our wedding day,” says Natalie.

Now Natalie runs her own cake business and her latest cake creation is inspired by Doctor Who’s iconic TARDIS for a top to a wedding cake. Every little detail down to the signage and door handles has been recreated for an obviously amazing customer’s wedding.

Finding love is not always easy especially when your just a cube living in a big cube world. “Lovecraft: A Minecraft Love Story” is a co-op adventure/love story that takes place in the cube world of Minecraft, created by video game artist and Art Nerd For Hire Jonny Rice for the gaming channel Machinima. “This is the pilot episode of a web-series that I wrote and directed while working at Machinima,” says Jonny. “The entire project took less than a month from start to finish. I was responsible for capturing video using 3 computers at once as well as creating the story boards, poster art, and editing the sound effects. In addition, I also voiced the antagonist Magmas.”

The pilot episode introduces couple Coal and Rose who find their love tested when a jealous wizard Magmas forces Coal into an epic quest to save his sweetheart.

Just because your a “geek bride” doesn’t mean you’re going to dress up as your favorite video game character in a wedding dress. Photographer Lorna Lovecraft shows us how a few geek themed accessories can transform any traditional bridal look into something truly geek chic for your wedding day. Specializing in weddings for rock stars, time travelers and geeks this UK photographer mixes vintage finery with retro rock-n-roll geekery into a style all her own.

A romantic picnic and engagement shoot turns into a living nightmare for Hungarian couple Alexandra and Krisztian who are being chased by a killer. Photographer Laszlo Bodnar of Eleven Photo captured this thriller of a shoot shot at a factory in Budapest, Hungary later transforming it into a comic for the couple.

From blinged out marvels to simple sterling silvers here are 20 rings perfect for proposing to that special geek in your life. This Star Trek Insignia Engagement Ring is perfect for someone wanting to keep it simple but still have alittle bling. From her studio in Toronto jewelry designer Valerie creates beautiful and geeky handmade rings. Available in her Etsy shop VaLaJewellery, this ring is priced at $1,550 made from 14K White Gold and also available in a men’s version.  

Beauty blogger and freelance Makeup Artist Sahily may not be a fan of the popular sci-fi series but she sure is skilled with a makeup brush. This look probably won’t be something you’d wear on your wedding day but still a great example of geeky eye shadow art.

Best known for his role as Edward Elric in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, voice actor Vic Mignogna takes on the role of Cupid for this geeky couple at his Phoenix Comic-Con panel. Vic starts off the panel by asking if there is a cute couple in the audience who wants to come up to the stage, you’ll have to watch to see what happens next.


If you were looking for the code to marriage, well you’ve found it, now all you have to do is be able to read it. Ian Davenport of Swash and Fold an online  design boutique shared this geeky wedding design which is now available in their Redbubble store. The perfect invite for a pair of programmers just hoping this wedding doesn’t return with an error.