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10 Amazingly Geeky Wedding Party Photos

The Hadouken: Photographer Molly Ann of Luminaire Images Photography took this amazing shot of the wedding party doing the iconic Street Fighter ”hadouken” pose.


The Force Choke: These guys learned what happens when you make the bride angry on her wedding day. Photographer Ryan S Burkett captures this Sith bride force choking her wedding party.

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dinosaur wedding

The Attack of The Photoshopped Dinosaurs #1: Reddit user aimanimation was inspired to become a 3D Artist because of the film Jurassic Park, so naturally, he had to put his skills to the test having dinosaurs chase down his wedding party.

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Jurassic Park wedding

The Attack of The Photoshopped Dinosaurs #2: A Jurassic Park-inspired photo for a dinosaur loving Groom. Photographer J. Quinn Miller waved his metaphorical Photoshop magic wand over a stock T-Rex photo and this shot of the wedding party running toward him. Channeling his inner Spielberg Miller directed the wedding party to “Run right at the camera, away from the T-Rex, as passionately as you can. I need to see fear and actual running, not lame faces and power walking.”

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michelle chiu harry potter wedding party

The  Expulso: This couple casts a magic spell on their wedding party in this Harry Potter inspired photo shot by Michelle Chiu Photography.

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zombie wedding

The This is My Zombie Killing Dress: So you want a zombie wedding photo of you and your wedding party but don’t want to mess up your dress. This Groom “zombified” his wedding party and turned himself and his bride into zombie slayers. “We had our photographer grab a shot of everyone in their best zombie pose,” says the Groom. “So, I decided to do a bit of Photoshop, and timelapse it!”

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Superhero wedding

The Reveal: This wedding was totally normal until the groomsmen revealed their secret identities which was captured by Hoffer Photography aided by some helpful bridesmaids.

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battlestar galactica wedding

The Last Supper: Based on Battlestar Galactica’s The Last Supper promotion photo. “While we, as a couple, have a lot respect for both Jesus and our buddy Leonardo,” says Groom Brandon, “we happen to like the re-imagined Battlestar version a bit more. That’s the one we recreated (you’re welcome to compare the poses if you want) and it’s the one that had more meaning for us at the time.”

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star wars wedding

It’s A Trend: Inspired by their dinosaur chasing counterpart this Toronto couple wanted to “kick it up a notch and do something cool” with a Star Wars theme. Little Blue Lemon Photography shot the wedding party along with the bride and groom running down the streets of Eglinton Ave. in Toronto later photoshopping in a toy AT-AT into the backgorund.

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transfomer wedding

The Transform: Graphic designer Jens Nink transforms this photo of the wedding party being chased down by some pretty angry Decepticons. Where’s Optimus Prime when you need him?

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