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20 Geeky Engagement Rings You Can Actually Buy

From blinged out marvels to simple sterling silvers here are 20 rings perfect for proposing to that special geek in your life. This Star Trek Insignia Engagement Ring is perfect for someone wanting to keep it simple but still have alittle bling. From her studio in Toronto jewelry designer Valerie creates beautiful and geeky handmade rings. Available in her Etsy shop VaLaJewellery, this ring is priced at $1,550 made from 14K White Gold and also available in a men’s version.  
Photo Credit: Gino Arizmendi
Police Box Engagement Ring: A proposal through space and time is now available with this TARDIS inspired ring by Gino Arizmendi and Art and Gem Jewelers. The band is made of tarnish resistant Sterling Silver set with 3 Cubic Zirconium or diamond stones to represent the Police Public Call Box sign at the top, two baguettes to represent the windows and a Princess Cut stone to symbolize the optional instructions to pull to open. Price: from $395

Photo Credit: artgemsjewelers

 Arc Reactor Engagement Ring: Propose to your Pepper Potts with with this Iron Man inspired ring. A custom piece from Art & Gems is set with Blue Topaz and Diamond Baguettes in White Gold. Price: from $660

Photo Credit: Takayas

Spiderman Engagement Ring: Custom made by Takayas Mizuno this web-slinging ring is 14K white gold spiderman Ring with diamonds, ruby’s, and sapphires. Price: from $5,500

Photo Credit: Paul Michael Design

R2D2 Engagement Ring: Is this the ring you’ve been looking for? This R2D2 inspired ring designed by Paul Bierker is perfect for any Star Wars fan. Available in sterling or white gold with sapphire baguettes and diamonds in the gold and CZ in the sterling.  Price: from $1,250

Photo Credit: weddingbandsdesign

Stargate Wedding Band: This Chapa’ai or Stargate wedding band from Wedding Bands Designs has chevrons that actually spin!  It’s made from 14k white gold with 18K yellow gold chevrons and the perfect band for any Stargate fan. Price: from $2,144

Photo Credit: SwankMetalsmithing

Star Wars Wedding Ring Set: Sterling silver his and her matching Star Wars wedding ring set from Etsy shop SwankMetalsmithing are perfect for fans and won’t break the bank. Option available to add on stones. Price from $1,050

DNA Engagement Ring: Part of the K. Brunini’s DNA collection San Diego based designer Katey designs jewelry that embodies nature. Price: email

Photo Credit: Jackie Kaufman

Light Saber Wedding Band: Wield this sterling silver inspired light saber ring by Jackie Kaufman. Price: from $265

Photo Credit: houseonhudson

Zora Engagement Ring: Etsy shop houseonhudson reimagines the Zora Sapphire from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a 14k gold ring with 3  blue sapphires. Price: from $808.76

Photo Credit: Graeme Ross

Spider-Man Wedding Band:  Jewelry designer Graeme Ross’ Spider-Man inspired ring features princess cut rubies and sapphires and made out of 14k white gold. Price: from $1,500

Photo Credit: mooredesign13

Super Mario Bros Brick Ring: A sterling silver ring from Etsy shop mooredesign13 which features the iconic brick pattern and question mark blocks from Super Mario Brothers. Price: from $150

Photo Credit: Austin Moore

Umbrella Corporation Engagement Ring: A sterling silver ring by Austin Moore is set with four white sapphires and 4 rubies inspired by the Umbrella Corporation’s logo in the Resident Evil video gamesPrice: from $500

Photo Credit: Art & Gems

Pokemon Trainer’s Band: Gotta catch’em all, another Art & Gems engagement ring featuring a twisted shank with created green gems showing our good health at the beginning of a battle. Price: email

Photo Credit: Paul Michael Design

Horde My Love: Perfect for World of Warcraft fans to show their allegiance with this 1.0-1.1 carat A grade heart shaped ruby and 0.25 carats of diamonds from Paul Michael Designs. Also available in a men’s version. Price: from $490

Photo Credit: VaLaJewellery

Bad Robot Inspired Wedding Band: For the guys, here’s a geeky wedding band just for you made from 14K White Gold with two Round Brilliant Diamonds by VaLaJewellery. Price: from $2,120

Photo Credit: Johan Rust

Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring: A meteorite and dinosaur bone ring is that even possible? Well it seems jewelry designer Johan Rust of Jewelry By Johan has created these little irony rings by blending meteorite, dinosaur bone and titanium into his latest designs. Known for his already outta this world meteorite rings Johan takes his designs back to the Jurassic Period by adding dinosaur bone. Price: from $845

Photo Credit: Valentines Jewelry

Superman Cut Bypass Ring: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a CAD rendering of what you can expect when you order this superman cut diamond ring valued between $3,000-4,000 by Virginia based Valentines Jewelry. Price: from $3,000

Photo Credit: House On Hudson

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ring: Grab this golden snitch inspired ring for your significant other from Etsy shop House On Hudson. Canadian goldsmith Miranda designed the band of sterling silver to resemble the snitch’s wings and the topaz stone as the snitch. Price: from $157.13

Photo Credit: Whats Your Passion

Superhero Inspired Engagement Ring: Ari the owner of Etsy shop WhatsYourPassion creates custom jewelry like this superhero inspired sterling silver ring. Also available in 14Kt gold. Price: from $280

Photo Credit: TheRiceHatSamurai

Triforce Ring Gold: A simple yet beautiful wedding band featuring the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda made by Etsy shop TheRiceHatSamurai. Price: from $300