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Lovecraft: A Minecraft Love Story Web Series

Finding love is not always easy especially when your just a cube living in a big cube world. “Lovecraft: A Minecraft Love Story” is a co-op adventure/love story that takes place in the cube world of Minecraft, created by video game artist and Art Nerd For Hire Jonny Rice for the gaming channel Machinima. “This is the pilot episode of a web-series that I wrote and directed while working at Machinima,” says Jonny. “The entire project took less than a month from start to finish. I was responsible for capturing video using 3 computers at once as well as creating the story boards, poster art, and editing the sound effects. In addition, I also voiced the antagonist Magmas.”

The pilot episode introduces couple Coal and Rose who find their love tested when a jealous wizard Magmas forces Coal into an epic quest to save his sweetheart. Jonny draws inspiration for the web-series from his own life including his recent nuptials, creating a fantasy about what it would be like to live and find love in the world of Minecraft.

Jonny has started a Kickstarter to raise money to produce the entire season one of Lovecraft which involves compensating his voice actors Chad Evans who plays Coal and Erin Kaufman who plays Rose for their time, recording studio time and of course the epic rewards. You can view his Kickstarter pitch below.