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Take a romantic trip through the Mushroom Kingdom with these two Mario themed engagement shoots from Fandi.es. Located in Valencia, Spain Fandi.es is all about creative and artistic photography with a team of stylists, makeup artists and craftsmen ready to create unforgettable weddings and engagement shoots just like these.

Hacking into a Contra cartridge Redditor EquinnoxX was able to modify the game to propose to his girlfriend in an unforgettable way. Posting images of his work on Imgur EquinnoxX quickly explains the process to his proposal “I bought Contra, dumped the ROM, hex edited the file, flashed it to a new ROM chip and soldered it all back together.”

He then changed the player names and the ending text to say “you’ve beat the game saved the universe and won my heart. Will you marry me…” 

It’s not all about the panels and exclusives for these 2013 SDCC attendees. Popping the question in front of hundreds of fellow con goers, some even rocked costumes.

Everyone was surprised when Robin proposed to Ivy on the steps of SDCC at the Harleypalooza, a meet up of fans dressed as their favorite Batman Villain or Batman character, especially Ivy.

This is not your typical wedding video, but then again, they aren’t your typical couple. You know them as the couple behind the Indiana Jones engagement ring and Star Wars Wedding Band and if you follow this blog you’ve seen many posts about their geek inspired wedding.

Filmed in Las Vegas at an actual Star Wars location in Death Valley National Park, their wedding video is “an abstract short film around a live event inspired by David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick,” explains Homer. The couple with the Star Wars/Indiana Jones theme come full circle at the same place they met over 13 years ago  - Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

Todd and Erika are self-proclaimed geeks who share a love for all things nerdy. So when it came time to decide on the theme for their upcoming September nuptials they decided to encompass all the nerdy things they love into one epic theme – Nerdvona. Can you name all the nerdy references in their save the date? “We have Doctor Who, Psy, Star Wars, Zombies, Family Guy, Harvest Moon, Doctor Horrible, Firefly, IT Crowd,  Alice the Madness within, Mine Craft,  Metal Gear, Game of Thrones, My Little Ponies man you name it I think it in is in there,” says Erika.

I think they got this. Star Wars fans John and Mindy prepare for battle against water walking AT-ATs (along with their maid of honor and best man) in this photo shot and edited by photographer Steven Kowalski. The wedding party is captured looking out at a picturesque and Empire free Lake Michigan. Until Kowalski, who spends hours editing all the Star Wars elements into the photo, goes over it with the awesome brush in Photoshop.

Angela and Aaron are two scientists who first met at a costume party, he dressed as the Doctor from Doctor Who and she as Kaylee from Firefly promising a kiss to anyone who recognized her costume, their immediate connection was anything but inert.

The GEEK LOVE Photo Contest is the perfect chance for you to share your love for all things geeky, and of course, your significant other! Enter for a chance to win your wedding shot for free by photographer and certified geek Helen Lambert!

Share a photo of you and your significant other playing your favorite video game together, Larping, buiding a Lego Death Star, whatever your 8-bit heart desires! The most geekiest and romantic photo will be chosen by Helen and myself as the winner! Here’s where to share your photo:

Lingerie is always a popular gift for the bride-to-be for a bachelorette or shower. So if your looking for a gift that’s sure to be a critical hit the The Geeky Hostess‘ rhinestone d20 panty is the perfect fit.

Tara Theoharis otherwise known as The Geeky Hostess shares recipes, party ideas and etiquette tips and recently launched an online store featuring makeup and apparel for geeks! For anyone who has played the ”underwear game” at a bachelorette party these panties are perfect for all you tabletop princesses.