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Banging Wedding Invites

If your looking for geeky wedding stationary Michigan based Bang Boom Pow Design has all your bases covered. Shop owner Alexa provides geeky graphic design services from custom save the dates to R.S.V.P. cards inspired by Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Firefly, Star Trek, comic books and Doctor Who to name a few. Each invite has a great quote/one-liner from the series or film they represent but tweaked to fit in with the whole wedding theme like “you are invited to our wedding, prepare to party”, “the couple has the phone box” and “join us for the shiniest shindig in the ‘verse”.

“We specialize in creating unique, one of a kind ‘nerd friendly’ designs. Got a theme and need invites, stationary, send up the Bat Signal and we’ll be on it quicker you can say Holy strawberries Batman, we’re in a jam. We’re always creating something, so check back often. Well, I hope you enjoyed our tour, now does anyone have any questions?”

View more designs at BangBoomPowDesign on Etsy.