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A Bachelorette Gift That’s Sure To Be A Critical Hit

Lingerie is always a popular gift for the bride-to-be for a bachelorette or shower. So if your looking for a gift that’s sure to be a critical hit the The Geeky Hostess‘ rhinestone d20 panty is the perfect fit.

Tara Theoharis otherwise known as The Geeky Hostess shares recipes, party ideas and etiquette tips and recently launched an online store featuring makeup and apparel for geeks! For anyone who has played the ”underwear game” at a bachelorette party these panties are perfect for all you tabletop princesses.

Here’s how the “underwear game” works: asks your guests to bring a pair of panties that reflects YOUR personal style in the bride-to-be’s size. When guests arrive, place all the unwrapped panties in a designated bag or box where the bride can’t peek. When your ready to play, have the bride close her eyes and pull out a pair from the bag or box. The bride must identify the gifter of the panties and hopefully you chose a pair that really reflects who you are. If she answers correctly in the first try for each panty pulled, the person who brought the panty wins a prize. The bride now has an entire new collection of underwear!

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