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Celebrating Tim Burton’s 55th Birthday a group of 100 “Burtonesque Bakers” revealed a project they’d been working on for six months – Cakenweenie. Behind the global project was Tracey Louise Rothwell (Little Cherry Cake Company) who tasked each baker with recreating a Tim Burton movie character, prop or scene with the photo of their creation put together into a Jack Skellington collage.

Kidacity’s Jacinta Perkins modeled from gumpaste and fondant this 22cm tall Emily from Corpse Bride cake topper.


Flying high above South Carolina’s Bleckley Inn the iconic blue TARDIS makes a stop at Laurie and Justin’s Doctor Who themed wedding.

The couple’s photographer Davey Morgan previously shot the couple’s engagement photos where Laurie and Justin portrayed Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the 10th Doctor (played by actor, David Tennant). “They chose to do a Doctor Who themed engagement session because it is their favorite show, and is something that is special that they enjoy together,” says Davey.

When Star Wars fan Amy and Star Trek fan Thomas shot their engagement shoot it was a battle of fandoms, but one thing these two could both agree on was comics.

Amy Ratcliffe (Geek With Curves) is known for her love of Star Wars and is a writer for FashionablyGeek, IGN and StarWars.com; her Husband-to-be Thomas Zahler is the creator of the superhero romantic comedy Love and Capes, so naturally, these two were made for each other. “Thom and I met at Comic-Con (truth be told, I sort of fangirled on him about his comic) and geek culture is a big part of our relationship,” says Amy. “He’s a little more Trek and I’m a little more Wars, but we have plenty in common to make conversations (or debates) a blast.”

The robotic dog K-9 from the Doctor Who made quite the entrance as the ring bearer at this Doctor Who themed wedding. The father of the bride built the remote controlled ring bearer, as well as, the TARDIS cake topper and sonic screwdriver cake cutter for his daughter Kelsie’s wedding.

Marlene and Rodolfo’s 8-bit retro game wedding is a blast from the past and completely handmade. “We did everything ourselves,” says Marlene, “from the stationary to the gifts as we didn’t want anything too “professional” looking and wanted more of a home made feel to it. Basically we wanted to have fun and relaxed feel to the wedding.” This geeky couple met in college during their Computer Science degree in Portugal, and married on their 10th dating anniversary. “The first thing we knew about our wedding day was that it would be 8-bit games themed!”

When they wanted their wedding to be as personal as they could make Clara and Justin opted out of anything they didn’t feel connected to: the garter toss, the first dance and clinking glasses. Instead, says Clara, “we looked at each piece and tried to figure out how to make it represent one of our geeky interests.”  They did just that, incorporating all their favorite fandoms from Doctor Who to Portal into their wedding.

Proving he not only produces amazing work but also has amazing clients, master jeweler and owner of Takayas Custom Jewelry Takayas Mizuno’s latest ring collection is fit for any princess of Hyrule.

Drawing inspiration from the Legend of Zelda video game series Takayas created this wedding collection made from white gold, diamonds and yellow gold for the Hyrule Royal Crests on both the men’s and woman’s rings and Hylian Shield on the men’s.