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A Little Bit Star Wars, A Little Bit Star Trek Engagement Shoot

When Star Wars fan Amy and Star Trek fan Thomas shot their engagement shoot it was a battle of fandoms, but one thing these two could both agree on was comics.

Amy Ratcliffe (Geek With Curves) is known for her love of Star Wars and is a writer for FashionablyGeek, IGN and StarWars.com; her Husband-to-be Thomas Zahler is the creator of the superhero romantic comedy Love and Capes, so naturally, these two were made for each other. “Thom and I met at Comic-Con (truth be told, I sort of fangirled on him about his comic) and geek culture is a big part of our relationship,” says Amy. “He’s a little more Trek and I’m a little more Wars, but we have plenty in common to make conversations (or debates) a blast.”

Their engagement story began not in a galaxy far, far away or in a galactic quadrant but in Burbank, California at the Steampunk clothing shop Clockwork Couture. The actual proposal happened inside the replica TARDIS, which stands in front of the shop, with a Nenya engagement ring (Galadriel’s ring from Lord of the Rings) from Badali Jewelry.
When it came time to shot their engagement photos the couple turned to photographer Rachel McCauley. “It was important to both of us to include some geek themes in our engagement photos,” says Amy. “My regular comic book shop agreed to let us come in for pictures, and we made sure to bring a lightsaber and phaser just in case.”
Photographer Rachel McCauley began with shooting the couple at Amy’s regular comic book shop House of Secrets in Burbank then headed over to the Johnny Carson park after. Amy donned various geeky dresses from  Her Universe,” adds Rachel, “and a Star Wars vs Star Trek battle was had.”