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Laurie + Justin’s Doctor Who Themed Wedding


Flying high above South Carolina’s Bleckley Inn the iconic blue TARDIS makes a stop at Laurie and Justin’s Doctor Who themed wedding.

The couple’s photographer Davey Morgan previously shot the couple’s engagement photos where Laurie and Justin portrayed Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the 10th Doctor (played by actor, David Tennant). “They chose to do a Doctor Who themed engagement session because it is their favorite show, and is something that is special that they enjoy together,” says Davey.

Choosing to continue that theme into their wedding made for some pretty amazing photos while still maintaining a traditional look and feel to their wedding.


“Laurie’s dad, Dennis, built the TARDIS from scratch! He modeled it after the 10th doctor’s TARDIS. It looked so amazing! Dennis designed it so well that the lights work and everything!”


“Rose and angel wings for ‘Rose Tyler’ and ‘Weeping Angel’ references from Doctor Who!”


“The groom, Justin, arrived in the TARDIS for his ‘first look!”


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There are lots more photos of Laurie + Justin’s Doctor Who Themed Wedding from photographer Davey Morgan at daveymorgan.com.


Vendors: Photography: Davey Morgan/Cake: Hollys Cakes/Flowers: Renee Burroughs Design/Venue: Bleckley Inn