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Wedding cinematographer Jaysin Osterkamp sends his Harry Potter fan girlfriend on an elaborate quest full of puzzles, trivia and riddles in his Harry Potter themed proposal. “There are many ways to pass through locked doors in the magical world…” and for Andrea the only way to pass through these “doors” was to follow the clues and solve the puzzles some easy, others not so much. 

The Red Room (Sala Rossa Campidoglio) located on Capitoline Hill in Rome stands just steps away from the Roman Forum and Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio. Famous for its civil weddings within its red hall where many couples have said their “I dos”, but non quite like Ilaria and Edoardo.

When Rebecca went to the movies with her boyfriend Joe she probably (okay definitely) didn’t expect to see him in the opening trailers before the show. Like Billy Crystal’s opening movie montages at the Oscars Joe took a similar approach in his epic movie trailer proposal.

Joe spent a month watching and editing himself into some of Rebecca’s favorite movies from Lord of The Rings, Spider-Man, Transformers and Man of Steel. “The actual editing and compositing took a few weeks or so,” says Joe, “but then I had to watch all of her favorite movies looking for buts that I could use. So all together, including filming, maybe a month.”

In the season finale of Heroes of Cosplay there was lots of drama with Team Los Angeles verse Team Atlanta at Kansas City’s Planet Comicon. One of its cosplay stars Victoria managed to dodged all the drama and found herself being part of her very own Stars Wars proposal.

This sneaky Link by DeviantArt artist Emma-Is-A-Leaf was created for her brother’s wedding cake. Similar to last year’s hidden Spider-Man the artist wanted to create something that would look like it’s coming out from under the bottom of the cake, and in this case, it’s Link.

Superhero fans Amanda and Taylor channeled their inner Clark Kent and Lois Lane for their Superman themed engagement shoot.

The couple met in college after they both received scholarships to Western Wyoming for Theatre. Later putting those theater skills to work incorporating props and costumes into their outdoor shoot. “We are both geeks in our own way but we both love superheroes,” says Amanda. Photographer Amanda Burton of Creative Wedding Events navigated her way through the cornfield with the couple all the while shooting some amazing shots. 

Unauthorized account access aside, this is one clever way to propose to a World of Warcraft fan. On the us.battle.net forums user Philmardde wrote that she “woke up to find that I had some new toons on my account that I didn’t remember making, on a server I’ve never played on.” Her boyfriend had created 5 new toons or characters under her account: Will, You, Marry, Me and Questionmark.

She said yes!