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A Social Media Proposal Using #MarryMeMaryDay

On August 31st Rhett Hildebrandt asked social media to help propose to his girlfriend Mary. Connected by a simple metadata tag and and accompanying website Marry Me Mary Day, Rhett enlisted readers to share a photo on any social media account with the #MarryMeMaryday.

“The goal is to get people to post the pictures provided on MarryMeMaryday.com or any other pics of things she likes on fb, twitter or instagram with the #MarryMeMaryday. Then I’m going to take her to a room, where I’ll have the stuff that people posted projected on the walls, and ask her there.”

Making it’s way through RedditTwitterTumblr, PinterestYoutube and eventually Mary who she said yes!

“Thank you for those who supported us in this proposal even if you might have not done it the same way. I proposed in a way that worked for me and her. I wanted to do something special for my girlfriend, I wanted to make the world about her for a day, physical and virtual. The support from friends and even strangers was outstanding, even if most of the posts in Reddit said otherwise. The proposal wasn’t a way to impress Reddit, it was a way to show my girlfriend (now fiancee) that I loved her and It worked better than I could have hoped for. It was very private and intimate, even though it was backed by something very public. I know I didn’t have to give an explanation of what I did, but I wanted to because of the public nature of the proposal.”