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Vanessa + Tim’s Mario Bros Inspired Wedding

Video games have played an important role in this quirky couple’s relationship from countless dates playing Portal (dying in the name of science) to Tim’s Mario Bros proposal game and their Nintendo themed wedding.

Why a Mario Bros’ proposal?

 ”When Tim and Vanessa started dating, Vanessa let slip that she was a big Super Mario Bros fan. Not that this was a big secret; all it took was to be around Vanessa when her phone went off to hear proof of her like of a certain Italian plumber.” 

The couple that games together plans a gamer wedding together, and this one was filled with details straight out of the Mario Bros universe. Saperstone Studios was on hand to photograph all the geeky details from a Luigi dressed ring bearer to their Mario Bros themed wedding cake.

Venders: Cake vendor | Epicuria Baking & Catering Company/Band/DJ | ipod; Sound/equipment rented through Audio-Visual Rentals /Caterer | Epicuria Baking & Catering Company/Flowers | Merrifield Garden Center/Photography | Saperstone Studios/Hair | Envision Hair Design/Make-up | Mary Kay/Shoes | Ugg, Rohen model/Dress | Ann Taylor/Nintendo Details | The Stitchin Engineer

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