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Zoe + Craig’s World Of Warcraft Engagement

For their engagement day, Zoe and Craig through out the tradition for some stunning custom made World of Warcraft cosplay. The first of their two day Taiwanese wedding shot by Sosi Studios must have come as a surprise to guests seeing Craig dressed as King Varien Wrynn andZoe as Tyrande Whisperwind.

Photo Credit: Sosi Studios

The cosplaying couple’s wedding wear was custom made by EMI Cosplay with their props by CSP Milton, and will be worn again on their wedding day in January in front of more guests at a bigger venue.

 Taiwanese weddings are held across two days, an “engagement” day, and a “wedding” day. Both are formal ceremonies involving the same dress and in front of guests, only the former is paid for by the bride’s family, the latter by the groom’s. 

Photo Credit: Sosi Studios

Photos: Sosi Studios/Costumes: EMI Cosplay/Props: CSP Milton