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5 Ice Sculptures For Your Geeky, Winter Wedding

They may not be the biggest or most elaborate but these ice sculptures are geeky, beautiful and wedding day appropriate. Ice sculptures have become a popular staple at weddings, especially during the winter months, so ready your eyeballs for some amazing works of frozen art.

Ice Sculpture Table: To rival the wedding cake table Redditor MissKitty_Fantastico shared her Millennium Falcon ice sculpture from her recent wedding, adding to the geekiness, she also entered to the “Star Wars disco remix by Meco and cut her wedding cake to the “Imperial March”.

Photo Credit: Mike Landis Photographer

Buffet Table Centerpiece: As part of their wedding cocktail hour bride Erica, known as Mrs. Lyre on weddingbee.com, writes about her 90 minute hour with caterer Cescaphe. Giving us the details on one aspect of her big day Mrs. Lyre writes…

 ”Our cocktail hour came with a custom ice sculpture as part of our package, and while we didn’t get to see much of it, we picked something that was representative of our relationship and meaningful. We didn’t want to do the LOVE sculpture or our monogram, we wanted to do the weighted companion cube from Portal”…”We didn’t choose the companion cube because we wanted to be different or special or show the world that we played a game once, we chose it because it means something to us. And to everyone else, it’s a box with a heart, and how could that be wrong for a wedding?” 

Photo by Mike Landis Photographer

Photo Credit: Cory Parris

Ice Bar: Photographer Cory Parris captures Jennifer and Brian’s out of this world Star Trek themed ice bar made by Creative Ice for the couple’s wedding.

Photo Credit: Art Below Zero

Food Display and Centerpiece Sculpture: Just a quick wardrobe change and this icy Superman themed food display by Art Below Zero could transform into an amazing wedding ice sculpture, insert the couple’s names etched into the ice.

Photo Credit: Ice Sculpture Pro

Ice Luge: New York’s Ice Sculpture Pro has done quite a few geek themed ice sculptures like this Batman logo luge perfect for icing your criminal drinks.