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Beautiful Labyrinth Inspired Styled Shoot

A gothic fantasy world of magic, catchy songs and weird creatures is inspiration for today’s Labyrinth inspired wedding shoot and video shot by the amazing Labyrinth Productions. Ringing in the New Year with some whimsical wedding inspiration models Nicholas Carinci as Jareth, the Goblin King, and Rebekah Pascouau as Sarah recreate the masquerade ballroom scene from the film. sarah and jareth_thelabyrinth_labryinth shoot-5 To celebrate the re-launch of Labyrinth Productions owner Tricia Duncan chose the film not only for its obvious similarities in name, but also for her love of the film growing up. ”I decided to do this theme a few months ago. I  knew before Spring it was time to rebrand my photography business, as many things have changed. My old business name didn’t reflect who I was or what I really wanted to shoot which was unique weddings. I wanted my “weirdness” to show though my business in a subtle way. Then in June I decided to do the Labyrinth shoot to celebrate the new name. Labyrinth Productions.” sarah and jareth “Even my business name has my heart by it’s geeky roots. This was my most treasured movie when I was younger. I saw Sarah as strong and clever. I loved everything about the movie. I really wanted to grow up and work for Jim Henson secretly. So I started pulling aspects together. I watched the movie, spent hours looking at movie stills. I wanted it to be as close as I could without being exactly the same.” Recreating the fantastical costumes and fabulous hair in the film I’m sure was no easy task, and according to Tricia took weeks alone, but make-up Artist Keren Robinson, production assistant Lynn Smith and photographer Tricia Duncan who also worked on the costumes with help from Jessica Stone did an amazing job. A self-professed geek this photographer has some serious cred having driven a Jeep wrapped with Edward and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist adding “it has since went to its sad little death.” Secretly obsessed with The Sims Tricia loves Dungeons and Dragons, RP video games, living the fantasy life through fantasy and sci-fi books and don’t mess with her in a zombie apocalypse as she can kick some serious zombie ***.

How do you feel about geek weddings? “My dream would be to shoot every geeky couple in existence. I love it when my brides add little touches like custom dragon cake toppers, or my fav, Enter their reception with Star Wars theme music. In the future I hope to find couples looking to design their perfect session based around their amazing geekness. There is nothing I love more then styling shoots.”

sarah and jareth_thelabyrinth_labryinth shoot-33 sarah and jareth_thelabyrinth_labryinth shoot-25 sarah and jareth_thelabyrinth_labryinth shoot-36 sarah and jareth_thelabyrinth_labryinth shoot-24

What were some of the most challenging aspects of this project? ”The costumes took a lot of time and a lot of small details. I spent 3-4 days bedazzling Jareth’s jacket. My model Rebekah has a pixie short hair so I also had to buy and style a wig like Sarah’s. I am no  hair dresser either! I had a limited budget and most of that was spent on the details. I put together most of the jewelry. I made Sarah’s hair pieces. I had glittered her gown (that was fun). It was so much work but so amazing to see come to life. This was the first styled session I put so much work into and it paid off. I am somewhat new to video. My other challenge was my stabilizers had not arrived yet so I hand shot the whole thing handheld,  something that is not easy to do.”

sarah and jareth-11

Want more? There are lots more amazing photos from the shoot over on Labyrinth Productions.

Vendors: Photography: Labyrinth Productions/Models: Jareth: Nicholas Carinci, Sarah: Rebekah Pascouau/ Makeup: Keren Robinson/ Dress: Brides for a Cause/Masks: Echos in Time Costume Shop/PA: Lynn Smith/Hairpieces, Broach, Necklace, Dress customization, Jacket creation: Tricia Duncan/Costume Assistance: Jessica Stone