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10 Alternative Wedding Guest Books For Geeks

Whether your wedding guests are tech savvy or master calligraphers get them involved with one of these geeky alternatives to the traditional guest book.

1. Guest Book Poster

Photo Credit: MDBWeddings


 (Star Wars Poster MillerSyeShadows/Doctor Who Poster RisaRocksIt/Disney Poster Illustrate The Date)

2. Guest Book Card

Photo Credit: EdenWeddingStudio


3. Fingerprint Guest Book

Photo Credit: DovDesigns


4. QR Code Guest Book

Photo Credit: Colorelish


5. Jenga Guest Book

Photo Credit: Caleb Cooke

(Caleb Cooke Photography)

6. Guest Book Journal

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(Erin and Geoffrey Photography)

7. Comic Book Guestbook

Photo Credit: justine bursoni

 (Justine Bursoni Photography via Poptastic Bride)

8. Library Card Guest Book

Photo Credit: Simply Bloom

(Simply Bloom Photography via Style Me Pretty)

9. Digital Guest Book

Photo Credit: guestbookapp

 (Guestbook App)

10. Social Media Guest Book

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(Woodnote Photography via Style Me Pretty)