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Mastering The Art of Video Game Engagement Rings

From beginning to end these engagement rings from master jewelry designer Takayas are truly one of a kind. Fans of the designer’s Legend of Zelda wedding collection Melissa and Mike came to the LA based jeweler for their own custom engagement rings inspired by Legend of Zelda’s Triforce and Pokemon’s Mew. The result, two amazing rings for two gamers now forever tied to video games and each other.

“I knew I wanted Mew wrapped around my finger and holding something like a sapphire to maybe look like a water bubble. Before Takayas even started on concepts, he told me right away that he would not push into making the rings until we were completely satisfied with the concepts, but the amazing part was that when he did come back with concepts, we loved everything about them.” -Melissa

Photo Credit: Takayas

A look at the image reference Takayas was given and his final concept presented to the couple. Head over to Takayas’ Blog for Melissa and Mike’s full love story, and of course, to view more amazing pics of these and other video game inspired rings like the one’s below from the designer.