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The Perfect TARDIS Dress For Your Wedding Party

From handmade embroidered bags to custom dresses Geeky U is a great find for unique wedding gifts and custom dresses for your geeky wedding or engagement shoot.

You’ve likely already seen the C3P0 inspired dress from this family based community of artists, but now imagine all your bridesmaids wearing this custom Doctor Who inspired TARDIS dress available now in their shop. The California based company run by Khalil Marenco also sells handcrafted bags like these Zelda inspired backpacks, great for to carrying all your stuff, made from heavy woven fabrics and decorated with embroidered applique.

Photo Credit: GeekyU

Photo Credit: GeekyU1 Check out all the available goodies in thier Etsy shop GeekyU1 or at Geekyu.com.