Home Sweet Treats Is The Force Strong With Your Macarons?

Is The Force Strong With Your Macarons?

Mike from Semi Sweet Designs shows you how to transform ordinary macarons into an edible delight for any Star Wars fan. A self-professed geek and cookie blogger since 2011, Mike provides tips and recipes for his original cookie designs some even inspired by his love of TV, sci-fi movies and pop culture like these amazing Star Wars macarons.

To celebrate May the 4th, Mike baked up some Chewbacca macarons made with chocolate macaron shells with a chocolate ganache filling, R2-D2 macarons made of white, almond-flavored macaron shells with a vanilla buttercream center tinted blue and Death Star macarons which are lemon-flavored macaron shells with a vanilla buttercream filling.

“For the Star Wars macarons, I decided to do three different designs fans of the series will hopefully recognize. After the macaron shells were baked, I decorated the tops with royal icing. The picture below shows the steps to create a simplified representation of Chewbacca and his iconic metal sash.”

Learn how to make all 3 flavors on Semi Sweet Designs, and good luck, as Mike says “macarons [have] a reputation of being challenging because their baking process can be very temperamental.” Thankfully, Mike has provided links and videos to help get you (and me) started.