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A Star Trek Officer Ring Fit For A Captain

Be the Captain of your own starship, or at the very least look the part, with this Captain’s Starfleet signet ring  by Austin Moore of Earth Art Gem & Jewelry in Atascadero, CA.

This solid 14k white gold ring features the Captain’s insignia with a row of diamonds on one side “one of the hardest substances on the planet, and a shining reminder of the hard choices you as the captain will make on your journey, yet the endless rewards that await.” On the other, a row of blue sapphires “their deep blue color a symbol of space and the wild blue yonder,” writes Moore a self-taught artist and co-creator of  Earth Art.

photo credit: Austin Moore

This ring is available through Austin Moore on CustomMade and can be yours for$1,400-1,700 as an engagement ring or wedding band.