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Bethany + Shawn’s Vintage, Geek Wedding

Planes, comic books and a mix of vintage details highlight today’s eclectic wedding from photographer Kelly Redinger. “We really wanted the day to not only be about our marriage, but be about us,” says bride Bethany. “We tried to incorporate a lot of the things we love and a lot of the things we initially connected over, and that led to a rather interesting mix of vintage details and geekery!”

The couple enjoyed their happily ever after at their favorite comic book store, Happy Harbour, where they even ended up buying the issues they were using as props! “It’s such an amazing location with so much to see, that we really wanted to make it part of the festivities, ” says Bethany. “The night was closed out with the iPod playlist we put together for the dance and a Fat Franks hot dog truck for our late lunch! Both of those things worked out better than we could have hoped, and the day ended up going off without a hitch. It was an absolutely perfect day.”

Kelly_Redinger__Photographer Kelly_Redinger__Photographer Kelly_Redinger__Photographer

Lets rewind back to earlier in the day where the couple’s wedding took flight at the Alberta Aviation Museum for this self-proclaimed “pin up girl” and her handle bar mustache rocking Husband-to-be. The ceremony was a mix of traditional Lutheran and the couple’s own touches. “We picked both a bible verse and a passage from “The Velveteen Rabbit” for our readings, and we wrote our own vows, using references from Game of Thrones, Dr. Who and manga. It ended up feeling perfect, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.”

After trying on 73 dresses, Bethany walked down the aisle wearing a beautiful tea length dress and a hand crafted brooch bouquet using antique store finds and contributions from family and bridesmaids. “A lot of the details we wanted to have were not available in regular bridal stores, so we taunted to etsy and DIY to get the job done. Our shoes were custom made with our favourite images from the manga “One Piece”, and my gloves were also a custom job.”


The crafty Bride also made the escort cards and table markers by scanning dozens of old cards from their Marvel card collection where guests had to match up their superhero to their nemesis to find their table (awesome idea!). “On the gaming side of things, we created a kissing game involving a large twenty-sided die and action cards we wrote, and a lot of the hearts on various objects, like the candy scoops, were replaced by an 8-bit version I crafted out of polymer clay. I also spent a great deal of time writing wedding guidebooks entitled “Achievement Unlocked! You Came To A Wedding! Now What?” It went through the whole day and answered any questions guests might have, with a little of our trademark humour and sarcasm thrown in.”

It was their favorite detail that “took the cake”, and you can probably guess which detail was one of the highlights of their day, did you guess - Adventure Time cake! “We gave the cake shop a lot of leeway with it, and it turned out to be the perfect centerpiece for our candy and dessert table. We wanted something bright and fun, and our favourite cartoon is definitely all those things (we carried a bit of that over in to the boutonnières in the form of polymer clay figures I crafted of the two main characters, Finn and Jake, from the show).” The rest of the couple’s desert table featured a sweet candy bar with containers decorated to match the theme of the day. “It wouldn’t have been such a success without all the hours of baking my parents put in,” says Bethany. “Anything that wasn’t store bought candy was home baked goodness right out of my parents kitchen, and many of our guests left with big goodies bags full at the end of the night. Everything was absolutely delicious!”

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Want more? Check out the couple’s vintage engagement photos also shot by Kelly Redinger and a video of the couple’s prop filled photo booth.


Vendor List: Photographer: Kelly Redinger / Florist: Fabloomosity Wedding Planning / Coordination / Design: Atmosphere Wedding Planning and Design Decor Rentals: Special Event Rentals – Edmonton Wedding Dress: Veronica Birch or The Real Hell on Heels Wedding Shoes: Custom Made Groom’s Suit: Simon’s Groom’s Shoes: Veronica Birch or The Real Hell on Heels Stationary: Wedding Paper Diva’s Candy Buffet: Bride / Atmosphere Wedding Planning and Design Cake: Over The Top Cakes Catering: Elizabethan Catering Late Lunch: Fat Franks Hot Dog Stand Bridesmaids Gowns: The Bridal Boutique Makeup: Chelsea of GLAMgor Makeup Artistry and FX Hair: Maila Mustang Gloves: Dark Pony Designs Bride’s Ring: Independent Jewelers Groom’s Ring: Minter and Richter D20 Chocolates: Dice Candie’s Photo Booth Props: The Manic Moose Garter: BowPosh Custom Clutch: Pere Bags Mad-Libs: My August Press Mustache Stamp for Candy Bags: Glitter Puff