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Handmade Comic Book Wedding Bouquet

Imgur user felosoraptor shared her gorgeous DIY Comic Book wedding bouquet made from pages of Deadpool and Army of Darkness comics. The couple’s wedding photographer Gage Blake Photography took a beautiful shot of the final product which included a 35mm film roll to represent the bride who also happens to be a photographer.

“I handmade by bouquet with comics (deadpool and army of darkness) I used the cheap “what if” comics so it wouldn’t be shameful to cut them up and I had single comics for army of darkness to use after I got the omnibus’.”

The bride’s handmade bridal shower centerpieces and bridal bouquet came together with a ton of help from her groomsmen and some long nights after work folding and gluing with Netflix on in the background.

Rather than using flowers for her bouquet this crafty bride can make her bouquet well ahead of time and not worry about it welting before the wedding. Her paper flower bouquet will also make a great keepsake long after the wedding.

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