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Zelda Hookshot Engagement Ring

From 3d render to fiancé’s finger Redditer cr0ybot shared this beautiful Zelda inspired engagement ring he designed with the help of jeweler David Wilkinson Design who turned his model into a physical object.

A recurring item in the Zelda series, the Hookshot consists of a chain that extends sending a large hook, which is attached to the chain, flying through the air. With a background in art/design you can see in the Wings 3D render below cr0ybot’s design to represent the Hookshot in the ring’s band.

3D Model

“The cost to have it made was about $1,000. The diamonds came at no cost from her grandmother’s wedding band, and the sapphire was cheap, since it’s lab-created. Usually the stones would be a much larger factor in the cost of an engagement ring. The metal is 14k gold, white band and yellow head.”

Metal Casted

The jeweler later tweaked the design by adding in holes for the diamond baguettes to sit in each chain link. A mold was made from a wax 3D print and the parts were cast in silver and gold.

“I left the jeweler to create the holes for the gemstone settings since I did not have a way to precisely measure the stones and wouldn’t have known anyways how he’d need the holes to be. He also had to totally redo the head setting for the sapphire, because I had no idea what I was doing. But generally, you’ll want to make the prongs slightly longer than they would be so that the tops can be pushed down to hold the gemstone in place. I also attempted to size the model correctly, working in mm units, based on a measurement of a ring that fit her. It turns out that it still had to be sized down a bit so that it wouldn’t slide over the knuckle so easily.”


Since it was a custom design, you can see the various prototypes along with the final ring and the diamond donor ring.

Final Ring