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A Novel Idea For Your Wedding Day

doctor who wedding flowers

Take a page from Charlene Rucker’s book, although there may be a few missing, and go with paper flowers that will last long after your wedding day. 

From elaborate paper sculpted bridal bouquets to simple boutonnieres, Etsy shop Diddlebug offers up some pretty amazing paper flowers made from book pages, sheet music, colored paper, maps and even comic books! Shop Owner Charlene also sells Doctor Who inspired Sonic Screwdriver bouquets with flowers made from pages from A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking and The Princess Bride.

doctor who wedding flowers

“Show your love of the Doctor as you walk down the aisle. This lovely bouquet of roses is made out of a combination of book page and colored roses is attached to a toy replica of the sonic screwdriver (choose the 10th or 11th doctor). The screwdriver lights up at the bottom and makes fun noises.”

comic book paper wedding flowers

Check out more of Charlene’s flower sculptures or order something custom at Diddlebug for your special occasion.