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Custom Lord of The Rings Lightsaber Proposal

custom lightsaber

A Lord of The Rings meets Star Wars lightsaber from Vader’s Vault made for a Tolkien inspired proposal while on a trip to various Lord Of The Rings filming locations in New Zealand. 

From Vader’s Vault:

“Made especially for the engagement of one of our good customers, this saber takes on design cues and themes from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. With hand engraved Tengwar script as well as natural gemstones, gold leaf and vine work, and detailed leather grip. The inscription is in Sindarin, and is a play on the last 3 lines of the original Ring poem from the books. In english it says: “One ring to confirm their love. One ring to unite them. One ring to bring them both, and in this lifetime bind them.”.”

custom lightsaber

“Powered by the Crystal Focus Version 5.1 and ignited by a LEDengin 10W RGBA set for purple and FoC™ (Flash on Clash™). Featuring a custom soundfont made especially for this saber based on sounds from the movie trilogy and displayed on an awesome 7 piece acrylic stand made by Sanjuro Systems featuring matching Tengwar script. Congratulations Dave and Jenna!”