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As Editor-in-Chief and Founder of When Geeks Wed I’d like to welcome you to the next level in wedding gaming! Whether your a Geek, Nerd, Whovian, Cosplayer, Trekkie, Otaku, Techie, Tribute, Hunter, Potterhead, Ringer, Fanboy or Fangirl find inspiration for your wedding day on When Geeks Wed: The Geek’s Guide to Weddings!

I’m Cassandra the geeky blogger/designer/wedding hostess with sometimes pink, sometimes blue hair girl behind the blog. When I’m not obsessing over weddings online I work as a 3D Character Artist in the video game industry, and at one time, a galaxy far, far away on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.

Currently Obsessing Over: Munchkin card game, Marvel films, Loki, DC Comics Bombshells, hair color, Kawaii things from Japan, zombies, Black Milk Clothing, skulls, chocolate highs followed with a coffee buzz.
Video Games: Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty, Halo, Super Mario Bros, Starfox 64, Puzzle Fighter, Puzzle Quest, Marvel vs Capcom, Castle Crashers, Mortal Kombat, GoldenEye 007, Team Fortress 2, Street Fighter, Titanfall…lots more I’m forgetting.
Films: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pacific Rim, Avengers, Full Metal Panic, Back To The Future, The Matrix, LOTR, Spaceballs, Fifth Element, The Incredibles, Stargate, Blade, Zombieland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fruits Baskets, Princess Mononoke, Hellboy, Iron Man, Tenchi Muyo, The Slayers, Hackers, Princess Bride…lots more I’m forgetting.
TV Shows: Archer, Grimm, Supernatural, Orphan Black, Adventure Time, Lost Girl, Bleach, Venture Bros, Firefly, Big Bang Theory, Mythbusters, Game of Thrones, Community, Invader Zim, Futurama, Star Trek, Psych, Buffy, The Originals, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge…lots more, definitely, I watch way too much TV.


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1. Do you plan weddings? No, I’m not a wedding planner.

2. Why do you have ads? To fund supplies for diy projects, original content and of course the fees to keep this site running.

3. Can I feature images from WGW on my site? Of course, just link back to my post and be sure to also get the photographer’s permission for wedding and engagement photos.

4. How can I get my photos on When Geeks Wed? See the submission page for info.

5. Do you have any photos from your wedding? Here are a few from my October 31st, 2010 wedding taken by the talented photographer DeAnna Gallardo. My wedding was on Halloween, the theme was zombie/Gothic, and I wore a silver wedding dress instead of a traditional white one. Our friend who was our officiant made an extremely elaborate skeleton priest costume to wear, which everyone thought was incredible (even our families surprisingly). I did a lot of diys for my wedding: the flowers arrangements or the ceremony, menus, programs, favors and table numbers because I would have had to get these things all custom made to match the zombie theme. I figured why have someone else do what I could do myself (plus it saved us a lot of money). The geekiest part of my wedding – was when I walked down the aisle to the theme to Halo the video game.