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With only a few craft store supplies, Nintendo cartridges and two Chocobo toys Steven and his Wife crafted a pretty unique cake topper for their wedding. “We made a staircase out of Nintendo cartridges,” says Steven, “and at the top are two Chocobos dressed as a bride and groom.” so cute! I’m sure I’ll be seeing lots more toppers like this in the future being such an easy DIY project that be modified many ways.

The circus is in town so grab some caramel popcorn for a fun and whimsical wedding styled shoot from photographer Samantha Bonpensiero and some amazing vendors.
A grungy, chic ringmaster sets the stage for this ceremony design styled by Hope Stanley of Mary Me Bridal, bronze flower stands backed by a gorgeous dripping pepper tree made for the perfect backdrop with its gnarled bark for an old-fashioned-in-love bride and groom.

Hacking into a Contra cartridge Redditor EquinnoxX was able to modify the game to propose to his girlfriend in an unforgettable way. Posting images of his work on Imgur EquinnoxX quickly explains the process to his proposal “I bought Contra, dumped the ROM, hex edited the file, flashed it to a new ROM chip and soldered it all back together.”

He then changed the player names and the ending text to say “you’ve beat the game saved the universe and won my heart. Will you marry me…” 

When Reddit user nintendai decided it was time to propose he did so in true Harry Potter style with a Golden Snitch ring box! Unable to find a box that met his Quidditch tournament standards he decided to make his own Snitch with a bedpost knob, gold paint and feathers. 

Electrical Engineer Bill Porter proposed to his girlfriend in a very unique and geeky way, he etched the words “Mara will you marry me?” into a PCB (printed circuit board). What followed says Bill,  “is the usual happy ending movie proposal; tears, kisses, everything you would expect. I don’t need to go into details. The bottom line is it worked; she said YES! She was so caught off guard by how I did it she couldn’t stop laughing for a long time after.”

Now in the initial stages of planning for their ‘circuits and swirls’ wedding, Bill and his fiancé Mara have scraped convention once again and applied their engineering degrees into creating custom electronic wedding invitations. “Not content with plain old paper invitations my fiancé Mara and I smashed our geeky heads together to come up with a design that keeps with our circuits and swirls theme,” says Bill. “We decided to be more literal, by putting actual circuits into our invitations!”

It wasn’t the programing or electrical elements that challenged the couple during the making of but the number of invites coupled with the time spent on design and the cost of the components.

Captain America’s shield is the inspiration behind this geeked out cake stand made with a little paint and a lot of glitter. This easy project is perfect for your wedding dessert table or to display your homemade cupcakes at home. My store bought ceramic cake stand, paint, Modpodge and glitter cost a little over $20 but you can save money by making your own stand from cups/candle holders and plates in your home.

Following in the same concept as his infamous Dinosaur Heels, Instructable’s member mikeasaurus transforms ordinary white heels into everyone’s favorite Astromech. Known for modifying and piecing together everyday items into new and awesome things, these heels are definitely the droids you’ve been looking for .

After removing the heel, he then replaced it with a steel bolt to provide strength and support, attached a R2D2 toy to cover the heel bolt and decorated the toe with lenses and blue accents made from craft foam. He even added a working blinking red LED to mimic R2′s. His tutorial does require the use of some power tools: MIG welder, soldering iron, propane torch, rotary tool, electric drill so when your all done you’ll feel like you actually built a Droid.

Monograms are a great way to personalize your wedding by incorporating your initials, and creating your own monograms make for an even better keepsake for after the wedding. Taking traditional wooden letters and geeky them up with some comic books and Mod Podge is blogger Elizabeth Giorgi of Being Geek Chic.

Add a little ice and snow to your winter wedding without breaking your budget with this simple diy project inspired by The White Witch of Narnia. All you need are a few supplies found at any local craft store to get started.

For this project I started with three white candles (because they are the cheapest) and added glitter to two of them for a snowy, ice effect. The third and largest candle I simply painted silver to represent the Queen’s power to turn the people of Narnia to stone.