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Comic Book Proposal

Using an old Star Trek comic she purchased for $2.50 in 1995 Sue of Anomalous Musings created these decoupaged heels using nothing more then Mod Podge, a paintbrush and scissors. Although not intended to be used for popping the question, but Sue’s addition of Picard’s proposal to Crusher gave me the idea that these would make for a very unique proposal idea.

Comic Book Proposal

Featuring the Enterprise and Captain Picard prominently on the toe and “Star” and “Trek” on the heels. Inside, Sue explains, “because this area is less likely to be seen unless someone is really inspecting your shoes, this is where I put the stuff that’s amusing to me.  For example, in this comic book, Picard proposes to Crusher on the Holodeck, so you better believe that that speech bubble is on the inside of my left foot, and “created by Gene Roddenberry” is on the inside of my right.”

This super easy and quick DIY will add a little bling and Goth style to your Halloween or Gothic themed wedding. These mask table numbers were made by my sister for my Halloween wedding as an alternative to adding the table numbers to the centerpieces ( I also had her make a Star Wars themed one for my co-workers table).

There are only 2 steps to this tutorial: paint your mask, bling it out and your done! Change up the look by painting the numbers with a different paint color instead of using crystals. You can also cover the entire mask with glue and add glitter instead of paint.

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the cult sci-fi drama Firefly first premiered on September 20th, 2002, and to this day remains one of my favorite television shows. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, I wanted to post an easy tutorial for recreating Kaylee’s colorful parasol for your wedding. A great accessory for an outdoor wedding to shade the bride or bridal party; you can also make mini versions to put in your reception’s floral centerpieces.

A personalized photo guest book for your wedding is something truly unique. It’s easy to make your own comic book wedding guest book with your favorite photos or engagement photos. Use Photoshop or any other photo program to arrange your photos in a comic book layout and then add blank comic bubbles for your guests to write in. For this book, I actually used my wedding photos (since I didn’t take engagement photos). I started with a black background (you can also use white) and arranged my photos on top leaving even spacing between them. Then all you need to do is get your pages printed out and bound into your very own comic book.

Personalize your wedding dress with something unique, like a sash or belt like this one inspired by the pipes and mushrooms in the Mario Bros video games. Bridal sashes or belts are a great way to add a pop of color or a touch of your geeky personality to a white wedding dress. Buying a sash from a bridal store could cost you hundreds of dollars depending on how much bling you want; but making your own is quick, easy and super affordable.  This one took me 10 minutes and cost about $5 but you can add swarovski crystals, feathers or beads to bling out your very own one of a kind bridal sash.

Catie Osborn took the miscellaneous quest screen from the video game Skyrim and turned it into a unique and easy to do wedding program. Catie is a trained Shakespearean actress who spends her time writing, crafting and working for a non-profit theatre company in the midwest. When she’s not meticulousness dying her hair blue to match the Doctor’s Police Box; she’s spending her time designing wedding invitations and working as a wedding coordinator for friends and foes a like. There’s a knee joke in here somewhere.

Photo Credit: Like A Tea Tray In The Sky

Like A Tea Tray In The Sky shows you the process of  altering a pair of white, fake leather boots to look like the boots worn in the film Alice in Wonderland. They can also double as a great pair of affordable Steampunk inspired wedding boots. Just by using a spray paint product meant for car interiors, these non-leather shoes can be colored with lasting results and achieved without cracking.

Looking for a geeky project for your wedding? How about a portable Tardis photo booth! Tardisbuilders.com is a go to site for reference, build diaries and great advice for Doctor Who prop builds. They have everything from detailed specs of all the Tardis’ to build diaries on making a Tardis chicken coop, Tardis bookcase and even a Tardis shower. Member Steve Long even built a Tardis photo booth for his daughter’s wedding, as her husband is a huge Doctor Who fan. His photo booth is completely portable, 4×4 feet and can be assembled and disassembled by one person in just a few minutes.

Throughout Diablo III you’ll find several types of magically enhanced elixirs and potions to help you in the game. Be sure to keep your guests strong and healthy with red healing and blue mana potions at every table. All you need to create your own set of glowing potions for your wedding centerpieces is colored tonic water and black lights. The quinine in the tonic water causes it to glow under a black light. You can also use a highlighter by removing the ink and adding it to plain water.