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Join the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) charged with protecting America and the world from the occult, paranormal and supernatural with these BPRD logo red macarons. Download our BPRD stencil to use for dusting the powder sugar on top of the macarons.


Create your own mini version of Chris Balcombe’s “EX-GERMINATE!” Dalek flower pot for your wedding centerpieces with this diy tutorial.

“It all started with a joke the boyfriend told me that I can’t remember any more… something about Daleks yelling at plants to GERMINATE! But anyway… that’s when I decided I needed a dalek planter to add to my houseplant shelf.”

Thinking about having your officiant read off an iPad on your big day? Personalize it with removable protection from GelaSkins. Choose images from 100′s of great artists or upload your own designs! Buy any 3 GelaSkins, Get 1 Free! Put an image of your wedding invitation, an engagement photo like the one below from Michael James Photo Studio or even a reminder to say I do! When the wedding is over you can create a personalized iPhone like the above from Your Yoko with your wedding photos.

Beautifully incorporate an industrial, Steampunk or eco-friendly look into any wedding reception with these light bulb vases. Essentially, all you need to recreate these little vases is to cut the very top of the lightbulb off with pliers, pull out the guts of the light bulb, set it on a napkin ring or hang them and fill with water. You can buy new bulbs or save old one’s that have burned out which costs you nothing to recreate this project.

Get crazy with these Watchmen  Rorschach inkblot nails using black and white nail polish, scissors and painters tape.  Like his constantly morphing inkblot mask these nails are based on the ambiguous designs used in Rorschach inkblot tests.

 ”[I] was perplexed at how to achieve the look without just free-handing it. So I kind of incorporated both. Obviously it can be recreated with any two contrasting colors and look great, but I love the high contrast black and white right now. Careful making your designs too wide though… it could go “cow” really easily” 

How to make fire & ice flower bouquets inspired by Mario Bros. The bride’s bouquet was differentiated with a mix of both aqua and red flowers, and feathers instead of leaves. A Fire Flower is one of the many power-up items in the Mario series. They first appeared in the Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. When obtained the player can hurl fireballs from their hands to defeat enemies during gameplay. Ice Flowers are the frozen counterparts of Fire Flowers and first appear in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. When obtained they allow the player to shoot ice balls instead of fireballs.

If you grew up playing Super Mario Bros, like I did, then you’ll love this vintage Super Mario Bros inspired sweetheart table. Released in 1985, the characters and graphics of Super Mario Bros quickly became an iconic staple of 80′s pop culture.

In all the materials for this shoot cost me around $50. The wine glasses, napkins, table cloth, candles, placemats and plates were all purchase from a local thrift store. The flowers and moss I got from my local flower market and the mushrooms from the grocery store. The chargers are from Cost Plus.

The retro video game menus were provided by Hello Lucky. A specialty letterpress printer and design studio that has been creating wedding invitations and other stationary for over 8 years. These menus are part of their Pixel Perfection wedding collection that draws from classic video games.