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Inspired by the vampire werewolf romance series, Twilight these apple name cards are a simple, cute and affordable idea for any Twilight themed wedding.
Colorado based wedding design company Classic Creations created these for their entry in the Denver Bridal Festivals Bridal Show. See more photos from their entry on their blog.

Create your own Doctor Who Dalek wedding cake toppers with these: Doctor Who Dalek salt and pepper set available on Amazon.com. This set is made out of pewter and stands 3inches tall. All you need is some lace and ribbon from a local craft or fabric store and your done.

The cost of wedding flowers is determined by many factors including the time of year you are getting married and whether the flowers are in season at that time. Valentine’s Day wedding flower costs are marked up more than any other time of the year. Other factors that determine the cost are whether the types of flowers you want are grown locally or will need to be imported is a large determining factor in your wedding flower cost. And, of course, how many flowers you intend to use in your wedding.

Every bride wants their wedding to be unique, different from every other wedding their guests have attended. A great way to save on flowers and standout to your guests is to create your own duct tape roses. You can also make them way ahead of time and not have to worry about them wilting. An easy to make and cost efficient solution for wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

Your boutonniere will boldy go where no boutonniere has gone before with these  QMx online Starfleet Division badges. Exact replicas of the uniform insignia from Star Trek XI, with each design taken directly from the screen-used hero prop. All four division badges are available separately: Command, Science, Engineering and Medical.

Chuck made a tiny version of a 1950′s British Police Call box from Doctor Who. Meant to be a  jewelry box but I bet you could downsize it to make a great ring box for a proposal. See the entire step by step project at Chuck Does Art.

Steampunk Cake Cutter:

Step 1:

Buy a steampunk item and cake cutter;
-A Steampunk item like this cane.

Step 2:

Hacksaw the handle off the cake cutter and the handle from the cane.
Step 3:

Epoxy the knife blade to the cane handle.

Harry Potter Cake Cutter:

Step 1:
Buy a wand and cake cutter;

Step 2:

Hacksaw the handle off the cake cutter and the handle from the wand.
Step 3:
Epoxy the knife blade to the wand handle. 

The photo above shows what you can do if you want a Tardis in your wedding. The photo booth below is located at Clacton Pier in the UK and is more typical looking. This Doctor Who photo booth is one of a kind, since I can’t seem to find any information about any others online. The Photo booth takes a photo of you and put the image it in a Doctor Who related frame. The ones I saw went from Rose to The Next Doctor and the selection included Daleks, Davros, Cybermen, Face of Boe, The Empty Child, Weeping Angels, Sontaran, Scarecrows and more (unfortunatly no characters with a human apperance like The Doctor, The Master, Rose etc).