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Transformer Cufflinks- Decepticon Megatron, Copper Plated Silver, with gift box. A fun gift for the men in your wedding party or even a little something special for your Autobot loving groom. Available at Etsy shop Southern Living 26.

Steampunk fashion has a definite Victorian look and feel, often embellished with fantastical and creative bits of hardware or technology. Designer, Chrisst, is a cutting edge label based in Sydney Australia who’s line ranges from sexy stretch fabrics including may different types of PVC to soft, delicate Victorian steampunk dresses. “From when pen hits the paper to the item being finished the garment only passes through 2 hands, Chrisst and his assistant and never leaves the Studio,” says Chrisst.

So cute, tiny Xbox controllers, a  perfect favor for a gamer bride and groom’s wedding. These Xbox controller cake pops -cupcakes and lollipops all in one the best of both worlds. Available from Etsy shop Entirely sweet . Every cake pop is hand decorated with high quality chocolate, not fondant! Every pop is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in size.