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These two got their romantic geek on while organizing and commanding the 2013 Star Trek Bar Crawl together, and were engaged later that night! Their winning photo showcased not only their love for each, but also their love for Star Trek.

Photographer Helen Lambert will be photographing their wedding free as the winners of the Geek Love Photo Contest. “I love all weddings especially the ones where couples who want to do things a little differently, who want their day captured in a creative and relaxed way,” writes Helen. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

The GEEK LOVE Photo Contest is the perfect chance for you to share your love for all things geeky, and of course, your significant other! Enter for a chance to win your wedding shot for free by photographer and certified geek Helen Lambert!

Share a photo of you and your significant other playing your favorite video game together, Larping, buiding a Lego Death Star, whatever your 8-bit heart desires! The most geekiest and romantic photo will be chosen by Helen and myself as the winner! Here’s where to share your photo:

Making stuff you’ll love is their motto and if your a Doctor Who fan you’ll definitely love their latest creation a limited edition T.A.R.D.I.S ring box! Combining “innovative construction with awesome aesthetic” Small World creates unique jewelry from medieval inspired little castle rings to Sherlock inspired bottled necklaces. Based in central Nicosia on the island of Cyprus and also in the UK, life long British geek Max Barletta created the T.A.R.D.I.S ring box for a friend’s engagement. “My Friend just got engaged and asked me to make him a special Dr Who themed proposal box, I make all sorts of things for a living and was so excited because were all massive Dr fans”, says Max. “His fiance was so excited when she saw it she forgot the ring…. now that’s true Geek dedication!”

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started When Geeks Wed! I’ve loved sharing my geeky wedding ideas with all of you, all 485 posts of them, and receiving so many great submissions from Brides, Grooms and amazing photographers along the way. Where did it all start? One post about a Portal 2 Engagement and from there grew into hundreds more, the most popular one being my Elegant Black + Gold Batman inspiration board. I hope to find more time this year around to post more, grammer check more (d’oh!) and have more DIY projects and original content posted.

A big thank you to all of my readers from the ones who has been with me since the beginning to all the new ones who have just discovered WGW. You all make this blog what it is today and me want to continue posting and creating content for another year. Thank you again for all your comments and support.

To celebrate, I will be hosting a One Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Slip into these comfortable Halfling slippers after the wedding for a Honeymoon that will take you there and back again without those painful heels. As one of the largest costume retailers on the web I’m happy to partner with HalloweenCostumes.com to giveaway one of their products perfect for the geeky couple.

The front of these slippers are stitched to look like Hobbit toes with each toe having a toenail and hair printed on them. The slippers are also stuffed with soft foam on the top and sides and stiffer foam on the bottom to allow for comfortable wearing. The bottoms of the slippers are black with black rubber grips to allow for better traction when your  journey takes you beyond the Shire and into more dangerous territories.

HalloweenCostumes.com is giving away two pairs of Halfling feet for you and your significant other to wear on your Honeymoon in the peaceful Shire, along the river’s edge in Rivendell or the volcanoes of Mordor (whatever your into).