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Everything is awesome when you have amazing nails like these, and now that the song is stuck in your head, UK nail blogger The Nailasaurus will help you recreate these pastel Unikitty cuties or colorful Lego Movie nails. She doesn’t post step by step tutorials but she does have lots of photos and a explanations of how she made them along with what materials see used to create them.

If you’ve got artistic skills, patience and a meticulous eye for details try creating amazing nail art like these for your wedding day! For the rest of us who can barely do a french manicure, just scrolling through the  impressive portfolio of geek nail art by Southern California based artist JeeA Lee will at least make your day a little more geekier. 

Beauty blogger and freelance Makeup Artist Sahily may not be a fan of the popular sci-fi series but she sure is skilled with a makeup brush. This look probably won’t be something you’d wear on your wedding day but still a great example of geeky eye shadow art.

Although they may live in different parts of the world all six of these woman have two things in common: a passion for makeup and geek culture. Many of them are self-taught and share their step by steps on their blog or DevaintART pages to help others recreate their looks from home.

So get your makeup brushes and liners ready for some amazing geek inspired eye makeups from six talented woman!

I searched the web for some of the best Hobbit and Lord of The Rings inspired nail art to get you, and your fingers, ready for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! Starting with the always impressive work of Kayleigh OC with her Hobbit-hole inspired nails. “I’ve never tried anything on this scale before,” says Kayleigh, “it’s a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole.  It’s about an inch long and an inch high, made using clay, fake grass stuff and acrylic paints/nail varnishes.

UK based artist Kayleigh O’Connor creates finger tip works of art by shaping and painting false acrylic nails into everything from Indiana Jones’ hat and whip to a sparkly golden snitch from Harry Potter. Even if her name doesn’t sound familiar to you, I’m sure you’ve seen her Batman or Tetris inspired nails on Tumbler or Pinterest. Kayleigh says she, “started gluing on false nails when I was around 16…After a while I started painting designs on them so they didn’t look so boring, and then it went a bit crazy, with different shapes sizes and all that… Now I mainly make them for fun and like to change them a few times a week .”