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An online proposal may seem like a strange way to propose to someone but for Malcolm and Simone nothing could have been more perfect.

After months of planning, Malcolm (under his username SirTechnocracy) posted to the sub-Reddit Advice Animals “This is a marriage proposal (she will recognize my username): I can’t believe the day is finally here” a collection of 12 memes with messages like “Brace yourself: A ring is coming” and “But one does not simply, walk into marriage”. It then linked to a secondary gallery “Today I propose to my girlfriend online through art I commissioned from 18 artists” that featured commissioned art each representing an intimate moment in the couple’s relationship, followed by an image of a diamond ring.

Love + art + video games is what makes Etsy shop Art Nerd For Hire a winning combination for geeks and gamers looking for awesome video game inspired wedding invitations.

An avid collector and player of classic video games owner Jonny Rice is not your ordinary card artist. “Video games are such a huge part my life and our culture. There is a whole generation of people that have grown up playing and loving video games. They have a distinct style that I’ve always found charming and fascinating. Games also just happen to work very well for invitations because they blend information with artistry. As a super-geek, adding video game elements to my wedding got me excited +10,” says Jonny. With so much “geek cred” behind it Art Nerd For Hire can customize any video game inspired invitation from classic Super Mario Bros to the more recently released Mass Effect. 

Sugarcraft Artist Jennifer Woracker uses her artistic talent to create unique wedding cake toppers for couples wanting to add something personalized to their special day. Based in South Ockendon, Thurrock, United Kingdom, Jennifer balances being a full time mother to her two little boys and a part time Sugarcraft Artist running her business Twinkle Balls. Catering to any theme or style, Jennifer makes anything from robots to zombies and also makes single sex couples for civil partnerships weddings.

When I first came across Gobo Studio I immediately fell in love with photographer Hien Nguyen’s photos and his Tim Burton inspired Corpse Bride photo shoot. With a background in 3d film/animation Hien shoots everything from everyday portraits to zombie themed engagement shoots.

Remixing home videos with music is a popular trend that has made its way into the wedding industry turning ‘traditional’ wedding videography into a unique and fun new direction.

Marryokes (a play on “marriage” and “karaoke”) is a wedding videography company with a twist. Increasing in popularity, Marryokes’  Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” video capturing Paul and Clodagh’s Ireland wedding went viral with almost 1 million hits on YouTube. While they do film traditional full day videos, their passion is marryokes – music videos filmed throughout the wedding day. Couples can pick any song they desire and Marryokes will capture the whole story from the major parts to the tiny details that may pass you by on the big day. Based near Belfast, Northern Ireland the Husband and Wife team behind Marryokes travels all over the world to bring their style of wedding videography to you.

UK based artist Kayleigh O’Connor creates finger tip works of art by shaping and painting false acrylic nails into everything from Indiana Jones’ hat and whip to a sparkly golden snitch from Harry Potter. Even if her name doesn’t sound familiar to you, I’m sure you’ve seen her Batman or Tetris inspired nails on Tumbler or Pinterest. Kayleigh says she, “started gluing on false nails when I was around 16…After a while I started painting designs on them so they didn’t look so boring, and then it went a bit crazy, with different shapes sizes and all that… Now I mainly make them for fun and like to change them a few times a week .”

Catering to those who want something a little different, and a little geeky, pastry baker Jenny Burgesse has created a niche for herself as the owner of Geek Sweets.  Running her home-based bakery out of Vancouver, Canada Jenny bakes cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other yummy baked goods inspired by geek culture. ”Everything is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients, just like grandma used to make. If grandma made cookies shaped like weighted companion cubes and Battlestar Galacticakes,” she says. Sure, white wedding cakes and cupcakes are more traditional; but colorful and unique cakes and cupcakes that convey the bride and groom’s personalities are more memorable. “Wedding cakes have really taken leaps and bounds in terms of coolness in the past 10 years and are nothing like the marzipan-covered, gumpaste-flower-adorned towering tiers of their time,” says Jenny.

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You’ve met the man or woman of your dreams, you’ve decided to get married, and now it’s time to plan your dream wedding. With an average wedding costing around $20,000 these days, there will be questions about everything from the budget and ceremony to the food and DJ. Organizing an entire wedding alone can be quite an undertaking, which is why it’s important to choose a wedding planner who understands your vision of your perfect day whether it be traditional or Doctor Who themed. Laura, owner of Rebel Belle Weddings based in Los Angeles, California is just that kind of planner. She describes herself as “creative, organized and proudly geekish,” and if you need proof of her geek creed just checkout her Pinterest page.