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The latest custom engagement ring box from freelance sculptor and designer Paul Pape is modeled after the Horde Gunship Armory Chest from World of Warcraft. This little box comes complete with miniature Toons and a Julia’s Engagement Ring treasure card once equipped will gain it’s user a lifelong partner. 

At the Cosplayer Countdown New Year’s Eve party host Fan Service Renji calls cosplayer Amira, dressed as Harley Quinn, up to the stage to retrieve her lost purse. Little does she know it’s all an elaborate set-up by her boyfriend, dressed as a member of the Akatsuki from Naruto Shippūden, to propose. Congrats you two!

Last week’s “Cosplay Confidential” episode of the Nerdist Channel’s Just Cos featured two familier WGW faces G.I. Joe fans Scarlett and Kevin. Cosplaying as G.I. Joe‘s Flint Kevin Conn and his ‘proposal brigade’ surprised his very own Scarlett (and she was definantly surprised) and was one of the couples featured in my “NYCC 2013: The Proposals“ post. In this “Cosplay Confidential” episode go behind the scenes of Kevin’s proposal and meet one of the most adorable cosplaying couples ever.