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big hero 6 baymax cookie shooters

Are you satisfied with your signature cocktail for your wedding? Try these Baymax cookie shooters, a Big Hero 6 inspired lemon meringue cookie atop a lemon drop shooter - ”Bah-la-la-la!”


In Tolkien’s Middle-earth Hobbits loved to eat mid-century British comfort foods, one particular treat being apple tarts, so I wanted to make something I imagine Rosie would have baked for Sam. A play on the her name, these Rose Apple Tarts taste like warm apple cinnamon rolls an easy to make treat for your significant other or impromptu dinner guests.

Mario finally found the right castle and got to marry his princess and instead of a wedding cake had wedding cupcakes! These Princess Peach inspired pink cupcakes actually have peaches in them with a princess crown on top made from fondant. Red and yellow food coloring was used to achieve the pink color of Peach’s dress in the cupcake and the yellow of her hair in the frosting.