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Proving he not only produces amazing work but also has amazing clients, master jeweler and owner of Takayas Custom Jewelry Takayas Mizuno’s latest ring collection is fit for any princess of Hyrule.

Drawing inspiration from the Legend of Zelda video game series Takayas created this wedding collection made from white gold, diamonds and yellow gold for the Hyrule Royal Crests on both the men’s and woman’s rings and Hylian Shield on the men’s.

Keep your love alive with the latest geek themed engagement ring from Etsy shop VaLaJewelry. A ring after Tony Stark’s own heart is made from 14K White Gold and blackened by Black Rhodium which gives it a very unique appearance and contrast. The center stone is Aquamarine surrounded by princess cut diamonds.

From blinged out marvels to simple sterling silvers here are 20 rings perfect for proposing to that special geek in your life. This Star Trek Insignia Engagement Ring is perfect for someone wanting to keep it simple but still have alittle bling. From her studio in Toronto jewelry designer Valerie creates beautiful and geeky handmade rings. Available in her Etsy shop VaLaJewellery, this ring is priced at $1,550 made from 14K White Gold and also available in a men’s version.  

Are you blown away by this custom wedding ring based on the Delta Halo? It looks pretty cool, even if it’s meant to wipe the galaxy clean of all sentient life. Bruce Boone custom made this titanium ring for Halo fan Mike Coscia featuring one of the seven fortress worlds found in the game laser cut on the outside and inside.

Having made quite the name for herself in the gaming community, Brittany Foster of Bmf Jewelry is known as the ‘Gamer Jeweler’ over at CustomMade for her amazing video game inspired rings. Her latest gamer creation is nothing new for Brittany, who previously created the companion cube ring made from stainless steel with pink enameled hearts. A play on an eternity ring Brittany replaces the traditional diamonds with four mini Xbox controllers. Each controller has four sets of grouped stones (four rubies, four emeralds, and eight sapphires (four yellow and four blue)) to represent the buttons on the controllers of the Xbox engagement ring.

In the future when they look back, and watch on DVD, the war between humans and the cybernetic race of their own creation, they will remember this day. The day Reddit user Disturbed Robot decided to take his love of Amy, and Battlestar Galactica, to the next level with a Cylon engagement ring!

This geeky couple met at a Battlestar Galactica party and it was from that first meeting that Reddit user Disturbed Robot decided to design and custom make a ring perfect for the Viper pilot of his dreams. Artist Craig Elliott recreated DR’s sketches as a CG  model in Maya. Once satisfied with the model it was then printed on a 3D printer, and a mold was cast from the model with the gold from his Grandmother’s ring. He also re-used the diamonds from his Grandmother’s ring in the final design as well.

This gamer Bride and her Husband, whom she met while playing as a female Night Elf rogue in World Of Warcraft, came up with a great concept for their wedding rings. Inscribed on the inside of their white gold bands is the phrase “Bind on Equip.” An obvious reference to the online game and was incorporated into their ceremony as being soul bound to them.