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Cue the adorable woodland creatures.

princess leia dress

Have you been looking for a dress in Alderran places? Cosplayer Elizabeth Rage’s posted her geeky take on the romantic and fairy-tale look of the classic ball gown is perfect for any princess on her wedding day.

“There’s over 20 feet of fabric in this skirt so… Disney Princess Leia is DEFINITELY one of my new favs! Can’t believe I was able to make this entire dress in just one night!!!” – Rage writes on Instagram

Photographer Nelsphotos snapped the pretty pic of Rage as Princess Leia on the steps of Star Wars Celebration 2015! Be sure to check out both their pages for more amazing photos from this shoot!

geek clutch

Wanna make a statement with your wedding accessories? To help you do just that, I’ve rounded up 20 geek themed inspired clutches from the obvious Lego and Comic Book clutches to more subtly inspired clutches like Groot and Frozen.

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, geek was the new chic as 36 professional and amateur designers presented their original, geek inspired fashion designs from a  Hobbit wedding gown to a Dalek wedding dress to exterminate all other wedding dresses!

Whether they’re a gift for your bridesmaids or just for you find the right pair for the right price with this guide to geeky leggings. From Doctor Who to Star Wars, you can buy leggings for just about any fandom at any price point as more and more shops turn your favorite geek shows and films into fashion.

From Jane Austen’s “dearest” to Tolkien’s “adventure” Snake and Fawn creates custom pendants extracted from the handwriting of some of the most influential writers, musicians and scientists of our time. Go on an adventure with their pendant extracted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s 1956 letter to the BBC’s Terence Tiller (the producer of the first radio adaptation of LOTR), or give your bridesmaids pendants with their names written in Tolkien’s handwriting.

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