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The circus is in town so grab some caramel popcorn for a fun and whimsical wedding styled shoot from photographer Samantha Bonpensiero and some amazing vendors.
A grungy, chic ringmaster sets the stage for this ceremony design styled by Hope Stanley of Mary Me Bridal, bronze flower stands backed by a gorgeous dripping pepper tree made for the perfect backdrop with its gnarled bark for an old-fashioned-in-love bride and groom.

Originating on the streets of Shibuya, Japan Harajuku style may at times seem like a haphazard mix of colors and styles, but take it from this shoot, it takes effort to look this cute. Inspired by their love of Japanese fashion, designer Jo of  The Couture Company and photographer Hannah Millard shared their vision of a bridal shoot for the adventurous bride. A collaboration with like-minded suppliers to mix the decora and kawaii aspects of the Harajuku style to create a cute and colorful Harajuku inspired bridal shoot.

For those of you who love elaborate makeup shoots this one’s for you. Make up artists Elizabeth Fabian and David Pecora painted the couple for their sugar skull inspired photo shoot shot in Pennsylvania based J.Pecora Studio. The couple’s inspiration comes from the sugary, skull-shaped treat found during the Day of the Dead festival, which are traditionally decorated with colorful icing, glitter, foils.

Fans of the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who are going to love this styled shoot full of great inspiration for you and your companion’s wedding day. Huge Doctor fans themselves, photographer Candice Benjamin and Kiera of Jakfoto Films came up with the idea to put together a chic, Doctor Who styled shoot. “It gave us an excuse to watch more of the show AND try to pack in as many show references as possible without hitting people over the head with them, says Candice Bejamin. “We like to call them Easter-eggs. Our goal was to design a gorgeous wedding for those not familiar with the show, and for the fans let them have fun picking out Doctor Who references.”

I came across this amazing Doctor Who styled video on Vimeo and was just blown away by everything about it. The music, “Doctor” by Chris Bartels of Anthem Falls Music is a beautiful instrumental that perfectly sets the mood and accompanies the bride and groom as they read their vows.

“I’ll take you as my Companion forever through all of time and space, I’m yours”…

It’s still one of the most famous on screen kisses in cinematic history. The moment when pampered Lady and streetwise Tramp share a moonlit plate of spaghetti, unknowingly share the same noodle to find their mouths meet for a surprise kiss.

It’s been 57 years since Disney first released the animated film Lady and The Tramp on the big screen. Photographer Kaelyn Elizabeth brings you back to that alley behind the Italian café with her romantic Lady And The Tramp styled engagement shoot. “Although it isn’t a real engagement session, I think it shows modern, current brides ways to incorporate their favorite films in to their engagement session in an effective and adorable way,” says Kaelyn. “I knew I just HAD to do the spaghetti scene (SO cute and SO lovely) but could a pair of human love birds do those cute dogs justice? Yes! Brett and Laura perfectly embody those two timeless characters for me. A gorgeous red head and a scruffy adorable man from perhaps the wrong side of the tracks.”

Earlier this week I featured his Walking Dead Engagement Shoot shot at the show’s production location in Grantville, Georgia. Today, I have another beautiful (yes, I said beautiful) zombie themed shoot from photographer William Hogan owner of Famous William Company. Collaborating with The Funky Shack an art studio that caters to designing weddings, and weirdly, has a connection to the popular AMC zombie series. Scenes of Season 3 of The Walking Dead were filmed in their studio with zombies being decapitated right in the space where they hold design consultations with their brides!

Like many wedding themes found on this blog the challenge is always transforming a unique and nontraditional theme  into something classy and elegant. For couples who struggle on how to  approach such a task, you will love today’s styled shoot from Live View Studios based in North Carolina. This colorful, feathery shoot proves that you can take inspiration from a popular app based game like  Angry Birds, about cartoon birds and pigs at war, and transform it into an elegant wedding with a few subtle touches.