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Two engagement shoots for two romantics in the beautiful city of St. Louis means even more engagement geekiness for this fun loving cosplaying couple.

In the heart of downtown you’ll find CityGarden, an urban park and sculpture garden and the location for Kim and Tom’s first shoot with Photographer Sandra Grunzinger. Dressed as Rogue and Gambit from the comic book series X-Men the pair looked every bit the part in their superhero engagement shoot. Love the jacket! “We’re both romantics, we love the tragic love story the two have shared in the comics,” Kim adds, “and we love cosplaying together in general.”

Saving their date from one of Gotham’s resident bad guys this geeky couple fights for love in their bat-tastic engagement photos. “We weren’t sure what we wanted for our engagement shoot,” says Anthony. ” The idea came to us to have a theme of a date interrupted by a Gotham villain – The Riddler! (generously played by April’s brother, Ryan).”

Superhero fans Amanda and Taylor channeled their inner Clark Kent and Lois Lane for their Superman themed engagement shoot.

The couple met in college after they both received scholarships to Western Wyoming for Theatre. Later putting those theater skills to work incorporating props and costumes into their outdoor shoot. “We are both geeks in our own way but we both love superheroes,” says Amanda. Photographer Amanda Burton of Creative Wedding Events navigated her way through the cornfield with the couple all the while shooting some amazing shots. 

When Star Wars fan Amy and Star Trek fan Thomas shot their engagement shoot it was a battle of fandoms, but one thing these two could both agree on was comics.

Amy Ratcliffe (Geek With Curves) is known for her love of Star Wars and is a writer for FashionablyGeek, IGN and StarWars.com; her Husband-to-be Thomas Zahler is the creator of the superhero romantic comedy Love and Capes, so naturally, these two were made for each other. “Thom and I met at Comic-Con (truth be told, I sort of fangirled on him about his comic) and geek culture is a big part of our relationship,” says Amy. “He’s a little more Trek and I’m a little more Wars, but we have plenty in common to make conversations (or debates) a blast.”