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Known as the gaming couple among their friends Reshele and Brent incorporated touches of their “geeky” personality into their gamer themed wedding. “PC to console to board games we pretty much play it all.  When we were planning our wedding, the one thing we knew for sure we wanted was to reflect that aspect of our relationship. It started with our engagement shoot.  We wanted to incorporate our love of games in the clothes we wore to the props we used.  During the wedding we wanted to keep things more simple.”

Thousands of zombies filled Trinity Bellwoods park and the surrounding streets of Toronto in search of fresh brains at the ninth annual Toronto Zombie Walk. What they may not all have realized, however, was that they would also be witnessing the wedding of Thea Munster to the love of her reanimated life Adam Invader.

This lucky couple was chosen over 499 others by T&G wedding planners to have their wedding under the life-sized Gundam at Odaiba, Japan in 2009. A 1:1 scale model of the classic RX-78-2 Gundam mecha, built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the franchise.  It was then taken apart and brought over to Shizuoka for exhibition until it got damaged in the earthquake. This couple is so madly in love with Gundam that they even named their newly born daughter “Seira”, which isn’t a Gundam character; but Seirra from Gundam 00 is, or it could be Char’s sister Sayla, either one of them. The groom wore a federation uniform from the series.