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Adventure Time wedding

I’m loving this custom Adventure Time save-the-date shared by user lottiedoowop on Imgur. So nice of a family friend’s employee to design this card of the bride to be as Princess Bubblegum and her fiancée as Finn.

The dedicated fangirl and baker over at Nerdache Cakes has created some amazingly geeky cupcakes and cakes in the past, but check out her latest creation. This Loki cupcake inspired by the Avengers.

“Loki’s helmet is made from 24 separate fondant pieces, and took over 3 days to put together. It’s pretty screen accurate- besides it being edible! His horns are actually carved pieces of fondant that started as solid rectangles”, says Ant.

Every week, Ant takes requests from a new Fandom and replicates it in cake form. She is currently taking submissions for her Legend of Korra Cake Challenge!

Hunger Games cupcake

Combing her passion for photography and ceramics Gisel Trujillo began making handmade geek inspired jewelry.

“I began making Halloween inspired earrings and became fascinated with the idea of making clay earrings for myself. Soon enough, I found myself in a Geeky world. It was then that I decided to share my creations with the Etsy world, not expecting this incredible experience.”