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Angry Birds

Etsy shop RBK Creations is a mother and daughter team from Northern Dallas who create whimsical and sometimes geeky bouquets, like this Mario Bros inspired one with matching mini bouquets and boutonnières. Hand embroidered with a mixture of flowers, star flowers and mushrooms along with individually hand sewn buttons, this bouquet is perfect for any gamer bride.

Each of their pieces from their shop can made from buttons, felt, satin or organza and customized to your theme and choice of colors. The best part about these bouquets is that they will never wilt so you can save them as a keepsake for after the wedding, gamers like a high replay value.

angry birds macarons

These too good to eat macaroons by The Cookie Fairy are inspired by the popular Angry Birds game that features these thieving little green pigs. These green colored macaroons are filled with chocolate ganache made with a hint of mint extract and chopped mint leaves. Get the recipe to make these little guys over on The Cookie Fairy.

Ana and Ricardo’s Angry Birds inspired save the date video pits the two love birds against each other in a winner take all battle. An innocent game of Angry Birds on the couple’s iPad turns competitive, resulting in various battles of cards, cracker eating and eventually a real-life Angry Birds challenge.

Like many wedding themes found on this blog the challenge is always transforming a unique and nontraditional theme  into something classy and elegant. For couples who struggle on how to  approach such a task, you will love today’s styled shoot from Live View Studios based in North Carolina. This colorful, feathery shoot proves that you can take inspiration from a popular app based game like  Angry Birds, about cartoon birds and pigs at war, and transform it into an elegant wedding with a few subtle touches.