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back to the future cupcakes

It’s Oct. 21, 2015 the date Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II has finally arrived for the rest of us who don’t happen to have an eccentric scientist friend with a time traveling DeLorean. To celebrate Back To The Future Day, Beanie’s Bakery in Birmingham, United Kingdom has the perfect cupcakes incorporating some of the iconic images from the films including a Hoverboard, flux capacitor and clock tower.

Above the Palos Verdes Peninsula sits the beautiful and fully restored 1920′s Spanish villa La Venta Inn; a picturesque location with panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean and the place where Melinda and Brian said “I do.”

On a late afternoon in fall photographer Karen Ard captured this geeky couple’s wedding, a mix of Doctor who, gambling, and one incredible nod to Back To The Future. “Filled with amazing details like Melinda’s apple bouquet, subtle Doctor Who references, and fun games acting as centerpieces at each table. The reception was buffet style with a casino theme so everyone wandered from table to table, playing and socializing. Loved it!  Melinda and Brian even had prizes for the high rollers and the piñata was filled with candy and lotto tickets,” says Karen a Los Angeles based photographer.

These Back to the Future fans didn’t need to hit 88 mph to shoot some seriously awesome save-the-dates! With a little help from one Atlanta based Delorean owner this geeky pair had the opportunity to shoot with a movie replica for the day, without disrupting the space-time continuum (I hope). “We wanted to somehow incorporate our love of the movies into our Engagement Shoot and our Save the Dates, explains bride to be Abbie, “unfortunately, neither one of us knew anyone with a DeLorean handy or a flux capacitor.” So the pair did a little digging and found a site that helps connect DeLorean owners to events and car shows.

Delorean photo by Bartek Wscisel

It will most likely be featured in your wedding photos and be responsible for transporting you and your wedding party from the ceremony to the reception venue. So why ride in a traditional white limo, make your wedding day special by considering alternative transportation that is as geeky as you. From the perfect after wedding getaway/crime fighting vehicle to a great alternative photo booth backdrop here are some alternative wedding transportation ideas.

Remember back in the 80′s when all you wanted for Christmas was a hoverboard and a ride in Doc’s time machine? This Best Man made sure the Groom arrived on time and fulfilled one of his childhood fantasy by surprising him with a Back To The Future replica on his wedding day. Photographer Bartek Wscisel of Stylish Wedding Photography was on hand to capture every moment, “The groom was picked up by the very same car which was driven by…..the doctor himself. The happiness of the groom was just priceless.  The car was equipped with all the stuff that the original car from the movie had. Here are some photos from that special day, including the special photo of the groom and his best man. Don’t men just stay big boys for life? It also happens to me sometimes.”

Delorean photo by Bartek Wscisel