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Comic books, Mod Podge and a little Star Wars for fun highlight today’s engagement shoot from Texas based Shaina Sheaff Photography. ”Rachel and Patrick are both huge fans of comic books, super heroes, and Star Wars (but who isn’t?),” says Shaina, ”so I was really excited when they wanted to shoot an engagement session with a little bit of a twist.” Rachel and Patrick also visited their local comic book shop for some fun shots with a Stormtrooper helmet.

Unlikely pair Batman and Harley Quinn prove to be much more compatible in ring form. WGW reader Daniel Maffett got inspired to design the ring from this very site which was then made by Tom Sayers at Sayers Jewelers in Smyrna, Delaware.”Without you’re site I don’t know that I would have designed such a ring,” says Daniel. So glad to have helped!

Saving their date from one of Gotham’s resident bad guys this geeky couple fights for love in their bat-tastic engagement photos. “We weren’t sure what we wanted for our engagement shoot,” says Anthony. ” The idea came to us to have a theme of a date interrupted by a Gotham villain – The Riddler! (generously played by April’s brother, Ryan).”

This couple’s love for superheroes sparked their relationship with a conversation about Batman and inevitably became the theme of their awesome wedding! The duo shared their Nightwing/Batgirl themed wedding on Imgur shot by  Dianne Personett Photography complete with comic book bouquets, a reception themed after the Gotham City Police Department and Dick Grayson’s Haly’s Circus and many more batty touches.

After eleven years of courtship Ruby, with the help of Actor Dean Cain, proposed to his long time love Jennifer at DragonCon 2012 in Atlanta, GA. Known for his role as Superman in the 1990′s hit “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and all-around nice guy, Dean makes a “super” surprise appearance to help out a nervous Ruby in his proposal.

In front of hundreds of onlookers at the DC Comics Photo Shoot, Dean pulls an unsuspecting Jennifer dressed as Batgirl from the crowd. Ruby, dressed appropriately as Batman, joins his girlfriend (in a cute set-up) is handed the proposal ring from the Actor. She said Yes!