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In the heart of Cache Valley love, swordplay and stunning landscapes highlight this engagement photo session from photographer Veronica Benson. “This was an engagement session we did last month,” says Veronica, “The couple is so unique and so great to work with.” Of course like any true nerd couple, Shenay and Bryant wanted to add a nerdy twist to their rustic engagement photos. “They wanted the mountains in the background and wanted a Lord of the Rings type environment, says Veronica. “Logan, Utah was the perfect area for them since it had open fields and snow covered mountains around us.”

This Wonder Woman/comic book themed boudoir photo shoot captured by Sherry Sutton Photography features the perfect mix of geekiness and sensuality lassoed together in one hot wedding gift for her Husband. ”Amanda wanted to give her fiance Stefano something special for their wedding, says photographer Sherry. “He LOVES comic books, and he loves her, so she decided to combine the two into a comic book themed boudoir session. It’s everything from classically sexy to downright campy.”

It was at a SCA event where these two first met, and later, where George swore his fealty to Frances and proposed. As members of  The Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organization consisting of 19 kingdoms and over 30,000 members re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe, it only made sense that their engagement photos and wedding would reflect their shared interest. 

From handmade embroidered bags to custom dresses Geeky U is a great find for unique wedding gifts and custom dresses for your geeky wedding or engagement shoot.

You’ve likely already seen the C3P0 inspired dress from this family based community of artists, but now imagine all your bridesmaids wearing this custom Doctor Who inspired TARDIS dress available now in their shop. The California based company run by Khalil Marenco also sells handcrafted bags like these Zelda inspired backpacks, great for to carrying all your stuff, made from heavy woven fabrics and decorated with embroidered applique.

Known for fashionable and high-end geek inspired corsets Los Angeles based Castle Corsetry provides a great selection of alternative bridal wear for the nerdy bride. Award-winning designer Lady Lauren, is the geek girl and cinching goddess behind the scenes, creating stunning corsets inspired by fan favorites such as Harry PotterStar Wars, Doctor Who and even this beautiful Game of Thrones corset perfect for you or your bridesmaids.

Dressed as their favorite Final Fantasy characters White Mage Yuna and Squall, YouTuber JeanBilius posted this video of their wedding based on Squaresoft’s/SQEX Final Fantasy video game series. Shot by Parkershot Photography the couple’s fantasy wedding at Fernwood Gardens, located in the Philippines, is known for its romantic gardens and whimsical flora the perfect level to start off their wedding.

At the Cosplayer Countdown New Year’s Eve party host Fan Service Renji calls cosplayer Amira, dressed as Harley Quinn, up to the stage to retrieve her lost purse. Little does she know it’s all an elaborate set-up by her boyfriend, dressed as a member of the Akatsuki from Naruto Shippūden, to propose. Congrats you two!

Mystery solved! I’ve found the perfect bridesmaid dress for a Sherlock inspired wedding, or at the very least, an amazing party dress made by cosplayer Lizzy aka Fraulein Ninja.

This Sherlocked cosplayer’s cute 221B Baker street tea dress was inspired by the BBC’s 2010 Sherlock TV series created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Shot by Yenra Photography and modeled by Lizzy who took home first place at the Sherlock 221B Con‘s costume contest; one of many conventions Lizzy has attended since 2009′s Otakon which kicked off her cosplay addiction.

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