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Throughout Diablo III you’ll find several types of magically enhanced elixirs and potions to help you in the game. Be sure to keep your guests strong and healthy with red healing and blue mana potions at every table. All you need to create your own set of glowing potions for your wedding centerpieces is colored tonic water and black lights. The quinine in the tonic water causes it to glow under a black light. You can also use a highlighter by removing the ink and adding it to plain water.

A fantastic, fiery visual effect inspired by Blizzard’s Diablo III game which takes place in Sanctuary, the dark fantasy world of the Diablo series. This world was saved twenty years prior by a handful of unnamed heroes in Diablo II. Having survived the onslaught brought by the armies of the Burning Hells, Tyrael rewarded the heroes by sending them to safety. It is up to a new generation of heroes to face the forces of evil threatening the world of Sanctuary.

Create your own Burning Hells, the residence of the demons and demonic overlords - Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto, with these flaming cocktails. All you need to do is top the drink with a high proof alcohol, such as 151 rum, which is ignited prior to consumption. For better effect light flaming cocktails in dimly lit surroundings where the flames are more visible.

Note: These drinks should be prepared by a professional bartender at your event for your guests. Drinkers should be aware that the drinkware may remain quite hot for a while after the flames are extinguished, which could result in burns. The alcohol cocktails with flames are designed only for adults and must be drunk or mixed with care. Never drink from a lit drink as it can be very dangerous.